Asked by flameofTORA8 months 1 week ago


by Axel 8 months 1 week ago

I don't thinks it's perfect. Bardock ssj is very good (boosts ssj's strike def), broly is... broly (but he boosts sagas blast attack, so only himself), gohan without another future member is pretty useless (he boosts future), kale boosts only female warriors (useless for the others, she boosts female blast def), IT Goku green is useless in this meta (he only boosts green attacks) and he is weaker than Mai. Super vegeta isn't so good anymore but he has a good z-ability (blast and crit. of ssj)
Try SSJ bardock, super vegeta, ssj broly, gogeta red (if you have him), raditz extreme and maybe... ssj Cabba