Hi , plz help me build a team with my current units.I am at RP 47 and am struggling to make it to 50.plz specify characters with the suitable would be much appreciated,Thanks

Need Help to build a team

Asked by dbl4life1 year 4 months ago


2nd screenshot

by Axel 1 year 4 months ago

try a Trinity: Ssj bardock, berserk kale and ssj broly. Bench: red ssj goku, purple vegeta and blue ssj goku (or ex raditz)

You have the characters to play the best team in the game. Purple color counter: SP Red Broly, SP Purple turles, SP Purple broly.

After the crazy buffs to turles in last balance patch + the fact that all 3 are movie characters and profit from red brolys unique ability + Red broly perfectly covers for the weakness to yellow units from turles makes this basically the strongest team currently in the meta.

On the bench put Super sayjan 3 Goku for the double buffs. The others depend on what you have: All 3 are movie characters and 2/3 are purple. So preferably you'd go with movie double buffers or purple double buffers. SP purple #17 is a good option. Extreme purple demon king piccolo is a good option too. Both of them have purple double buffs. Or even better: Extreme blue cooler. He has movie double buff that will affect all 3 characters.

Another perfect bench fit ofc is the new rage vegeta at 5 stars. At 5 stars he will give a massive strike damage buff to BOTH PURPLE AND RED!