Is this just me or is this game kind of rigged ?

Out of 20 RR, i only managed to land 3

Out of 20 RR, my opponents managed to land 17

The game also lags for me so i cant do shizz while my opponents is free to go (well atleast it feels like it). Is this game rigged for me or what ?

Asked by Haf13 years 6 months ago


for me, it's like the other way around. i thought it was rigged in my favour but idk

Your lag problem can be dependent on your internet speed or you might be playing on power saving mode. You can improve this by turning of power saving mode and setting graphics to maximum in the settings. Internet speed can also be improved if there are less programs using the internet and there is less interference and distance between the game and the connection signal. Although you may have lag, you can still fight back by either predicting what the opponent will do and using it to your advantage or you can time your swipes to allow you to react to your opponent’s action. Both these skills take time to learn and require a good knowledge of the attack patterns of characters.

As for your rising rush problem, there is no proof of it being rigged but there are clues in your attack pattern that can help a person deduce what is in your hand and what you can pick. If you use a main ability that places a special arts card in your hand and you immediately use a rising rush, players will know that you can choose a special arts card as a rising rush choice and may also decide to choose it. If you use a special arts card(blue card) and then rising rush, it signals people that you are less likely to have a special arts card in your hand and thus less likely to choose it. Once the clues are examined, there are three routes that come to mind, you could choose a strike or blast arts card to either increase the initial rising rush damage and/or make the opponent rely on luck to guess which one you chose. You could also choose a special arts card(green card) as it provides the least amount of damage to the initial part of the rising rush and choosing it maximizes initial damage and special arts cards are rarer than strike or blast arts cards so your opponent may assume that you may not have it and less likely to choose it. Lastly, choosing a special arts card decreases the initial damage of the rising rush the most but is often chosen the least by opponents as usually bots of the past would only choose special arts cards for their rising rush.

Hope this helps you enjoy your pvp experience more! Good luck.