Please help build a team

I don’t know which characters to use. Can someone please help me. My synergy is only at 700%. If someone could make an better team, that would mean a lot to me.
The team that I used was: Furure Gohan, Kaioken Goku, God Goku, Super Saiyan Broly, Final Form Frieza and SP Green Vegeta.

Here are my characters:

Asked by AsirNael101 year 4 months ago


I got a team for you:
*Core* Future Gohan, Broly (Purple) and Young Trunks (Blue) or Vegeta (Green)

*Beach* EX Goku (Buff Saiyan), SSJ2 Trunks (Buff Future) and Super Vegeta (Super Saiyan buffs)

You could try a saga warriors team, you have the two versions of Cooler. I.e the final form and the green sparking cooler. And you have Ss Broly. Or just run a sayian team since you seem to have a lot of good sayian units. Ss God Goku, GREEN vegeta and Kaioken Goku is considered by most to be a very good team of units. Kaioken Goku is a great offensive fighter, Vegeta tanks a lot, and God Goku gains health and 30% damage with another sayian.

A Sagas warrior core consisting of Purple broly, FF Cooler, Green cooler and a bunch of bench buffers.

A Lineage of evil core consisting of FF Frieza, FF Cooler and green cooler.

Or a very basic but strong sayjan team consisting of Green vegeta, Kaioken Goku and Super sayjan god goku.

Each of those cores are viable. It definitely depends on your preference and where u have the better bench units.

Do a future team or a Hybrid Saiyan team