Should I train Shallot?

I have a reasonably good pvp and story tag team, pretty much the SSJ Tag team without gogeta or ssj3 goku, and my main units are all max level, but I see everyone using shallot, and I just ditched mine, I haven't soul boosted him, he's only level 300 and because I barely play the story I don't even have him at super saiyan, so I'm wondering if he's even useful in the current meta or even for story and if i should bother training him. Thanks!

Asked by sketchy-skeptic1 year ago


Yes yous should train shallot because characters like db super broly aren't part of the meta. Since you are obviously a pro, don't level any other character up except for shallot. Don't use any other character except for shallot.

can't tell if this is a joke or not lmao but fyi im only lvl 24 and broly is meta, but if this was a joke then ok lol

If you're planning on primarily PVP then no Shallot isn't of concern.