Why did this happen??? Please help me I am very upset.

So I was going to play DBL like most days but this time it asked me to put what language I want the game in and what resolution. Also to accept terms of service which I thought was strange. I touched the screen to begin but instead was given a choice to either start a new game or to transfer my old game. I chose to transfer old game but 1. I Didn't have an account that was connected to my account and 2. It would not let me transfer. It might have been my own fault for not having a Google account for my Legends account and I didn't bother to remember my ID either. However my username is Daunted65. Please help me out if you can and thank you.

Asked by Hopeless2 years 10 months ago


by homu 2 years 11 months ago

Unfortunately, it sounds like you suffered app cache failure and your game cache (including your account information) got wiped.

The only way to get your account back is contacting customer support, which you can find on the Game Menu -> Support -> Contact Us. Try to locate as much information as you have on your original account - purchase history (if any), Player ID, friend code, fighters and levels, etc.

Hope your account recovery is successful, and remember to link it next time!

Thank you answering, I will try to get my account back. If it's a success I'll make sure to link my account. Thanks for tip.