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SP Turles (Purple)

HP 2,256,711
Strike ATK 233,791
Blast ATK 249,241
Strike DEF 138,162
Blast DEF 138,845
Ki Restore Speed

Relevant Changes

  • His stats got a big Boost all around. SP Turles PUR is now a solid Offensive option due to his decent Strike Attack and very high Blast Attack. His Defensive stats and Health got Buffed as well, however they are only average.

  • His Anti-Son Family Unique Ability, while Buffed, isn’t as effective as SP Chi-Chi GRN, who is more effective in that regard. If SP Turles PUR becomes popular, we could be seeing a further decrease of Son Family Fighters in PVP, which would limit SP Turles PUR’s Damage overall.

  • His Assault Ability’s duration got increased from 25 timer counts to 35. While this could seem a small change, having a 30% Damage reduce effect for 10 more timer counts, for a Fighter that doesn’t have great Defensive Stats, could prove to be very useful.

  • His Main Ability now draws him an Extra Card and its effects got increased from 10 timer counts to 20. Blast Arts Cards have always been on the costly side and are often difficult to land or start a Combo with, so the possibility to reduce their Ki cost for a longer duration is important for a strong Ranged Fighter like him.

  • His Extra Card became even more powerful. In addition to Healing, it also Buffs his Damage by 20% for 20 timer counts and added another random effect of possibly drawing another Extra Card. While increasing the number of possible effects makes the card even more unpredictable, it is now one of the best in the game, because the standard effects are great and all the random ones are useful.

Place in the Meta

SP Turles PUR is now a solid Fighter who will find his place in some Purple color counter Teams, especially because he’s a Sagas Warrior and Synergizes with SP SSJ Broly PUR.

SP Piccolo (Green)

HP 2,346,036
Strike ATK 204,992
Blast ATK 200,933
Strike DEF 161,926
Blast DEF 158,737
Ki Restore Speed

Relevant Changes

  • He’s now a strong Tank again. His Offensive stats are still on the low side but considering that he’s such an older Fighter, many Players have him at high stars, so this might not be much of a problem.

  • His Cover Unique Ability now decreases the Enemy’s Arts Card Draw Speed level by 1 for 15 timer counts, giving an even greater tactical advantage than before.

  • His Main Ability now removes Attribute Downgrades from Teammates as well. This isn’t much of a change, especially considering that Attribute Downgrades aren’t frequent in the current Meta, however his Main Ability was still pretty good before the Buff.

  • His Z-Ability now Buffs the Regeneration Tag as well at 5 stars. Considering that Piccolo

  • His Extra Card now additionally Buffs the Damage of the next Special Move used by 50% if 40 timer counts have passed. This is great tactical Support for himself or other Fighters.

  • His Special Move now inflicts Heavy Bleed and decreases by 50% the Damage Reduction of an Enemy’s Cover, which is situational at best, considering that those types of Cover Abilities have never been a problem thanks to the existence of side-step.

Place in the Meta

SP Piccolo GRN is once again a Defensive Beast. Considering that many have him with many stars, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with as he’ll be capable of dealing decent Damage as well. He’s now a very viable option for both Green color counter and Regeneration, although the latter’s place in the Meta is still difficult to define.

SP Krillin (Blue)

HP 2,131,676
Strike ATK 215,946
Blast ATK 232,781
Strike DEF 143,817
Blast DEF 143,109
Ki Restore Speed

Relevant Changes

  • His stats are now decent all around. He’s not exceptional at anything in particular, however, this Buffs makes his stats good enough to justify his presence on a Team. Despite he’s a Ranged Fighter, he’s always been more of a Support thanks to his Unique Abilities.

  • His Assist Damage Boost got increased from 10% to 20%, and its duration increased from 10 to 20 timer counts, which now makes the Buff easily stackable and therefore much more valuable.

  • His Extra Move range has been increased to long-range, and its Blast Damage received Attribute Downgrade has been increased from 20% to 30%. The range increase is pretty meaningful and now less easily dodged.

  • His Team Unique Ability now Boosts his own Health Restoration by 35%, which is now pretty useful as the new changes make his Main Ability Heal now does a total 30% to himself and 20% to the Team. SP Krillin BLU now has one of the most useful Healing effects in the game. In a match where he’s Teamed up with a Goku variant, he Heals himself for 40%.

Place in the Meta

The only Team you can build around him is a Blue color counter, which is a decent option considering he has heavyweights like SP Kaioken Goku BLU and SP SSJ Broly PUR as possible Teammates. He can be a good Support for this Team, considering that he holds two Strike Arts Cards, does some good Healing, and can provide Damage Buffs.

SP Pan (Blue)

HP 2,089,786
Strike ATK 237,683
Blast ATK 211,885
Strike DEF 146,202
Blast DEF 146,195
Ki Restore Speed

Relevant Changes

  • Her stats are above average all around, which is a great considering she was pretty close to be the worst SP Fighter before the third balance update.

  • Her first Assault Unique Ability now Boosts his Ki Recovery Speed by 40% for 35 timer counts. While Ki Recovery is a factor that often gets overlooked, this effect can really be useful in skilled hands that know how to take advantage of it.

  • Her second Assault Unique Ability now Boosts all Team Damage by 30% for 25 timer counts, while previously it only Buffed only her own Damage. Female Warriors already has some Support Fighters that do the same thing however, excluding Buff for Teammates, SP Pan BLU is a very decent Fighter on her own and for this reason, she could become a preferred Support.

  • Her Main Ability, in addition to decreasing the Ki Recovery of all Enemies by 30% for 20 timer counts, also decreases their Card Draw Speed level by 1 for 20 timer counts. These two effects in combination are very annoying as it effectively reduces their potential to initiate a Combo.

  • The Strike Damage Buff provided by her Extra Move got increased from 15% to 30%.

  • Her Z-Ability at 5 stars now also Buffs the Son Family and Female Warriors, however this Tag is getting sidelined due to some really powerful Anti-Son Family Unique Abilities in the Meta. This is not a problem as SP Pan BLU has some other good Team options.

Place in the Meta

She will definitely see some use in Female Warrior Teams. Her overall toolkit makes her a good Support Fighter who can hold her own Offensively, which could lead some Players to replace SP Youth Bulma BLU with her depending on what they need. She could also be used in other Teams like Blue color counter since her Damage Buff applies to every other Fighter.

SP World Champion Hercule (Red)

HP 1,684,350
Strike ATK 110,721
Blast ATK 109,639
Strike DEF 123,337
Blast DEF 125,782
Ki Restore Speed

Relevant Changes

  • His stats got Buffed but are still terrible. This fact, while his Unique Abilities are definitely useful, makes him unusable in the current Meta.

  • His Extra Move now additionally restores his own Ki by 30 and reduces the Enemy’s Ki by 30.

  • His Champion Call Unique Ability now activates when his Health is below 40%, and it Buffs Ally Damage by 30% and Ki Recovery Speed by 40%, until he dies. Such an effect is great and is easy to activate, considering that his Endurance Unique Ability Heals him for 30% when he first reaches 0. However, considering his awful stats, you’re basically using a Team spot solely for this Buff, which is not good enough to justify his place on the Team.

Place in the Meta

He remains basically unusable due to his terrible stats, which is disappointing since competitive stats could’ve made him decent for some niche Team Builds.

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