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 A Sparking Tier List change log gives a bit of insight into the thought process of why some Fighters move up or down, but will also give an evaluation of Fighters to keep an eye on for future updates.

The Situation of Legendary Finishers

Legendary Finish Fighters have been a matter of discussion after the last update, since the new Star System seemingly nerf them compared to the rest of the Sparkings because they’re harder to pull in general. However, they see no change on the Tier List for multiple reasons. The first is that the Meta still has to settle, LF Fighters are still very Effective since only few of the most recent Fighters are consistently at a high Star Level in PVP ( SP SSB Goku BLU to name one ). Similarly, it’d be too hard to exactly identify each Fighter’s average Star Level in PVP, something that would permit to accurately analyze how big of a hit LF Fighters take following the Update. For these reasons all of them stay where they were pre update.

New Entries

HP 2,334,239
Strike ATK 246,430
Blast ATK 207,986
Strike DEF 155,425
Blast DEF 150,845
Ki Restore Speed

He’s pretty decent thanks to his good Supportive and Utility Abilities, however his Durability is poor and Sagas Warriors is already a pretty stacked Team, so he’s unlikely to see a spot in the main trio consistently. He’s still a good option in matchups where a Red Fighter is needed, and considering his Tag is very powerful too he classifies in low S Tier.

HP 2,497,359
Strike ATK 238,282
Blast ATK 238,294
Strike DEF 151,039
Blast DEF 149,541
Ki Restore Speed

He can be used in both Sagas Warriors and Saiyan, although he fits much better in the latter. As a Defensive Fighter SP Barock YEL has a great kit, that allows him to take a lot of hits and Buff his Saiyan allies once he dies, while also being a decent Offensive Force thanks to his various Damage-based Abilities. However, he doesn’t excel at anything really and his most fitting Team can easily be countered by one of the best Teams in the Meta, namely Lineage of Evil. For these reasons, he’s in low S Tier.

Who Moved Up?

HP 2,412,272
Strike ATK 215,222
Blast ATK 219,537
Strike DEF 158,507
Blast DEF 158,515
Ki Restore Speed

The new Star System affects Rising Battle Fighters the most, since they’re all completely farmable. SP Vegito RED is the best of them and the stats revamp allows him to be very good in the current Meta. His Tanking Ability is off the charts since it’s not tied to any Ability but just to his raw stats, which means that it can’t be removed in any way. Secondarily, his Damage got a bit bump and his Lock-in Ability is as good as ever, thus he deserves a spot in S tier.

HP 2,311,302
Strike ATK 238,496
Blast ATK 210,196
Strike DEF 139,457
Blast DEF 143,686
Ki Restore Speed

Just like SP Vegito RED, he benefits greatly from the new System. On a Frieza Force his Synergy is just massive, since he can get up to two Health Z-Abilities and some top tier Equip choices, thus his renewed stats look incredibly good. Surprisingly, he even manages to be a good Tank despite having a suicidal Unique Ability that makes him take more Damage. However, his bread and butter is his overall Support, that is quite nifty, and his Damage output is good, although he’d prefer be in a Strike-focused Team.

HP 2,233,566
Strike ATK 233,251
Blast ATK 207,968
Strike DEF 139,316
Blast DEF 136,571
Ki Restore Speed

Like the two Fighters above, he gets a good Stats Buff, but that’s not enough to bring him to S tier since his Unique Abilities are quite outdated. His Support is pretty good, but other than that he’ll not be particularly relevant other than being able to Tank some hits tank to the renewed Defense. He settles in Tier 1.

HP 2,370,132
Strike ATK 241,190
Blast ATK 212,890
Strike DEF 138,690
Blast DEF 140,075
Ki Restore Speed

As the meta starts to be more diverse, SP SSB Goku YEL sees more use. Specifically, he does just fine against Sagas Warriors as a SP Boujack PUR counter. The latter is seeing more use compared to last week because of the new UST Banner. Generally as a Fighter he was always better than SP SSB Vegeta PUR, but last week the prince of Saiyan was more fitting in regards to the Meta.

HP 2,424,348
Strike ATK 228,401
Blast ATK 230,660
Strike DEF 158,717
Blast DEF 163,511
Ki Restore Speed

This Fighter goes up in the list primarily thanks to the fact that the Fighter above him are starting to show some more problems compared to before, while he remains stable as a staple in one of the best Teams in the Meta.

HP 2,234,476
Strike ATK 226,736
Blast ATK 239,809
Strike DEF 143,582
Blast DEF 143,575
Ki Restore Speed

Fusion Warriors became better thanks to SP Vegito RED being in top shape again. As a result, the Fusion Dance warrior goes up by some spots in the list.

Who Moved Down?

His Tankiness is still a very strong factor for him, and his Ultimate Move’s side Effect is one of the most frustrating things in the game, but his Damage output feels at an all time low. Now that Androids aren’t the top dog anymore, his flaws are much more apparent, thus he goes down to Tier 1.

HP 2,301,104
Strike ATK 248,248
Blast ATK 226,826
Strike DEF 145,114
Blast DEF 146,552
Ki Restore Speed

This Fighter has been moved a lot in the list throughout the last five months. A long time ago he went down to Tier 1 because his Teams were too weak, now he does because while Androids are still great, they’ve become stagnant and some Teams have surpassed them. Combine that with SP Perfect Cell YEL’s toolkit not looking as great as it looked a couple of months ago, and you’ve got a reason for him moving down.

HP 2,388,399
Strike ATK 243,664
Blast ATK 217,364
Strike DEF 157,894
Blast DEF 154,797
Ki Restore Speed

He just isn’t what Regeneration needed. While his Damage output can reach frightening heights as he stacks up Extra Moves, those Effects don’t last too long and they’re situational at best. He has a Damage Reduction Ability, but in a Team that lacks a Health Z-Abilities, that’s not enough to make him Tanky. He might go up again if Regeneration gets some more releases, but as things are now he’s just disappointing.

On The Bubble

HP 2,335,419
Strike ATK 234,783
Blast ATK 250,319
Strike DEF 147,064
Blast DEF 151,494
Ki Restore Speed

He’s been a staple in Son Family for a long time thank to his busted Platinum Equip, and his all around Damage production that made him an Offensive monster. However, Son Family has become stagnant, and his durability is at an all time low, to the point that he goes down in few hits.

He could go up as well as he could go down, it all depends on if his Tag gets some new releases soon.

HP 2,472,536
Strike ATK 242,856
Blast ATK 239,388
Strike DEF 147,944
Blast DEF 149,435
Ki Restore Speed

SP Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black RED is barely in Z Tier due to his more-or-less 30% Damage inflicted Buff that potentially lasts for the entire Match for him and his Teammates. That and his Team has 5 Fighters in the core that are absolutely exceptional. He himself is also very well rounded.

Still, he doesn’t really have the mind-boggling Damage of some Z-Tier Fighters, or the game-changing Cover/Utility of someone like SP Boujack PUR, so someone that comes along and wipes his Debuffs fairly easily could push him out of Z-Tier.

Due to potential releases however, he’ll likely hover around the area.

HP 2,288,296
Strike ATK 236,230
Blast ATK 219,133
Strike DEF 149,094
Blast DEF 150,585
Ki Restore Speed

Just like his brother, he’s a very Offensive Fighter with a severe lack of durability and a stagnant Tag that is in urge for more releases. A Tier 2 placement is not looking far for him

HP 2,388,702
Strike ATK 242,779
Blast ATK 219,851
Strike DEF 149,801
Blast DEF 149,808
Ki Restore Speed

As a Fighter he’s very good, he still has the best toolkit out of all the Regeneration Fighters. He just needs his Tag to be good enough to magnify his strengths, but sadly that’s not the case at the moment, thus he might go down to Tier 1 in the next few updates.

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