Broly EX 3 Scream

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Difficulty Scream
Chapter 17
Book Broly
Energy Cost 1
EXP 30377
Zeni 12288
Friendship Points 150
Quest Type Event
Total Enemy Power Level 2300


Enemy Stats Weak
Lv 2,300
HP 1,689,409
S.Atk 150,498
B.Atk 135,330
S.Def 84,726
B.Def 83,055

First Time Clear Reward

x 10

Drop Table

Item Drop Rate (AVG)
Rising Soul [Broly: Fury] Rising Soul [Broly: Fury] 800.00%
Super Soul [Broly: Fury] Super Soul [Broly: Fury] 3.00%
No way... 30.00%


Challenge Reward
Clear without a single casualty x 3
Land the First Attack x 3
Land a Special Move 3 time(s) with x 3
Clear with only 3 EXTREME character(s) x 3
Do 3x switches x 3
Clear without using Rising Rush x 3
Inflict over 1800000 Damage with Rising Rush x 3
Challenge Complete x 10