Cell: The Evolving Life Form Chapter 4 Normal

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Difficulty Normal
Chapter 12
Book Cell: The Evolving Life Form
Energy Cost 1
EXP 12377
Zeni 11040
Friendship Points 150
Quest Type Event
Total Enemy Power Level 920


Enemy Stats Weak
Lv 920
HP 579,282
S.Atk 25,628
B.Atk 25,303
S.Def 18,809
B.Def 16,377

First Time Clear Reward

x 10

Drop Table


Challenge Reward
Land the First Attack x 3
Clear within 70 Counts x 3
Land a Ki Blast Skill 2 time(s) x 3
Don't fall into an Abnormal Condition, not even once x 3
Do 2x switches x 3
Battle with Fusion x 3
Battle with 2 Element: GRN characters or more x 3
Challenge Complete x 10