Top Team Tier List Change Log

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Article by Emanuele Medaglia
Top Team Tier List Change Log


This article will describe the reasoning for all the shifts on the Team Tier List, made based on current Meta situation and critical thinking.

Who Went Up?

God Ki

God Ki has surely been the main matter for discussion after this update and rightfully so. In fact, they’ve gained two new Fighters and its previous Core is so common nowadays that basically everybody has SP SSB Vegeta PUR and SP SSB Goku BLU at high Star level. This gives the Team diversity across the Board and high Ability Bonus value.

While it might not seem like it at first glance, they’re quite Tanky thanks to SP SSB Goku BLU early game durability and SP SSB Vegeta GRN – SP SSR Goku Black RED’s Defensive Unique Abilities, to the point they can even tank Rising Rushes in certain situations. Offensively, they matchup incredibly well against basically any Team in the Meta, since they have a full color Team filled with Fighters having high Damage output when taken singularly

Their only “flaw” at the moment is that the Meta is filled with God Ki, and the mirror matchup is 50/50 obviously. In particular, SP SSB Vegeta PUR can decide the Match for one side or another with his early Game Bursts.

Lineage of Evil

Unexpectedly, Frieza’s family goes up and takes the first spot on the list. While somebody could argue God Ki’s recent gain in strength made it the main force in the Meta, the truth is that only made matchup more viable for Lineage of Evil.

As of late, this Team’s only real problem has been Sagas Warriors due to SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL being able to lock in SP Coora PUR and abuse him, but this changes now due to PVP being filled by Saiyan Teams, mostly God Ki and Fusion Teams.

In this environment Lineage of Evil can thrive and emerge as the perfect Meta Counter. Looking at the God Ki Matchup specifically, their Yellow Fighter is SP SSB Goku YEL who can be easily destroyed by SP FF Frieza RED, so in general they struggle at taking down SP Coora PUR. Mix that with insanely high Ability Bonus values, full color wheel and strong Fighters across the board, and you’ve got a Team that does very well against any Team in the Meta, especially Saiyans.

Vegeta Family

With SP SSB Vegeta GRN being added, this Team’s main trio is complete, boasting impressive Offensive power and some nifty Tanking capabilities. At this point, Vegeta Family is right where it was some months ago, thus in a point where they have enough Damage output to pull off unexpected wins, but not quite the diversity or the Ability Bonus value to be consistent.

In fact, they have multiple Fighters that can perform a 1-combo kill, but other Teams can adapt their Builds against Vegeta Family very easily since they only have three good colors.


Just like for Vegeta Family, SP SSR Goku Black RED brings Future up since he’s a fitting addition. Thanks to him, Future has now many different Team Builds, that are all good Offensively thanks to the new Fighter’s permanent Debuffs that apply to all enemies.

In particular, his partnership with SP Teen Trunks PUR has been popular. While the latter doesn’t synergize that much with SP SSR Goku Black RED, their combined Offensive Support makes SP Gohan GRN inflict hellish amounts of Damage.

However, this is still not enough to make Future comparable with top tier Teams, since they still lack some diversity and better Z-Ability synergy.

Fusion Warrior

Fusion went up in S Tier. Lineage of Evil not being overly present is good for them, as they can matchup decently with most other Teams. In particular, God Ki is basically are there is at the moment, and Fusion can hold its own thanks to SP Super Vegito PUR countering SP SSB Vegeta GRN, and the Team still being very Tanky as a whole.

Fusion hasn’t gotten a clear release in Months, but they’re still up there as a very good Teams. They’re likely getting a new Fighter soon, thus expect them to be at the top again.

Ginyu Force

In the previous weeks, Ginyu Force couldn’t hope to get in higher tiers due to how hard EX Fighters generally are to get. This isn’t the case for Frieza’s servants, that have been added to basically every Banner since their release as summonable Fighters.

The Team isn’t as oppressive as it was some months ago, but at 5 stars level they have impressive Synergy, potentially boasting two great Health Z-Abilities that make them all very durable.

Who Went Down?


Androids still have a full Color Team and the best Ability Bonus value in the game, but sadly they’re starting to feel their age. Now that more Team can boast similar level of diversity too, their don’t feel that special anymore, especially consider that overall they’re lacking a top tier Fighter, unlike other Teams in Z Tier.

They still matchup decently against basically any Team, but to highlight some flaws, SP Android #17 PUR is starting to feel really weak Offensively, SP Perfect Cell YEL prefers Strike Cards tp Blast ones and it shows more than ever, SP Android #13 BLU is quite fragile and SP Super Android #17 GRN does no Damage at all early -- and he gets totally destroyed by SP SSB Vegeta PUR --.

Having said this, they’re likely one release away from being at the top again, but that likely won’t come soon.


Regeneration isn’t the top Team in Tier 1 anymore.  SP Buu:Kid RED is just flat out underwhelming, especially if you look at SP SSR Goku Black RED that has been released just one month later. He heavily depends on his Extra Moves to be good and that makes him limited and predictable.

But this isn’t the only problem, the Regenartion can’t spar with top tier Teams due to their lack of Tankiness, and the absence of a Blue Fighter puts them in trouble even against lower tier Teams.

They’re in urge for another release, or else they will quickly go down to where they were two months ago again.

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