Top Team Tier List Change Log

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Article by Ema919
Top Team Tier List Change Log
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This article will describe the reasoning for all the shifts on the Team Tier List, made based on current Meta situation and critical thinking.



GT was the highlight of this update, thus naturally they went up in the rankings. However, something not everybody may agree with is that the fact that the Team Tier List views them as first overall. 

Despite being quite young, the Team is perfectly balance between Durability and Offense --Both being top tier here-, while also having incredibly good Ability Bonus value in the best case scenario -- And in the worst case, the Core is full of Saiyans so you’ll have the means to Boost it--.


Both SSJ4s are Saiyans of course, so this Team gets a Boost too. Compared to before, meaning the Fusion duo plus SP Angry Goku BLU Core, the new variant with SSJ4s plus SP Angry Goku BLU has better synergy thanks to SP SSJ4 Goku PUR having an easily accessible Son Family Boost.

Not only that, but the Team flows much more naturally by being much better Offensively right off the bat compared to the previous Core, while also keeping  Late Game Effectiveness thanks to SP Angry Goku BLU.

However, compared to GT they’re considerably less durable, which makes the Team less consistent overall, thus Saiyans places lower compared to the former.


Regeneration took quite the jump. At first sight, SP Super Baby 2 BLU might not seem particularly game-changing for Regeneration, however in game his impact is huge. Not only is he a Durable Fighter by himself that is also capable of inflicting decent Damage to some specific opponents, but also his Healing Magnification works wonders in this Team. 

When backed up by Defensive Equips and Z-Abilities, The Team’s Core Fighters truly stand up to their Tag’s name by being frustratingly tough to put down for good. Mix that with the increased Offense thanks to SP Super Baby 2 BLU’s Offensive Support, and you’ve got yourself a Full Color Team that can cause trouble to any Enemy.

Son Family

Son Family becomes better thanks to his new Strike-Focused Build that allows it to take advantage of some incredibly good Fighters, such as SP SSJ4 Goku PUR and SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL.

While the Team still suffers from having a bad Ability Bonus that makes its durability quite shaky, its gimmicks and great Offense make it a S tier Team.

Vegeta Family

The release of SP SSJ4 Vegeta RED falls in line with other recent Vegeta Family releases, in the sense that the Team’s mentality is as Offensive as it’s ever been.

While there has been some controversy due to the new Fighter being Blast Focused, it isn’t much of a problem as this Team’s issue certainly isn’t the Offense, but rather the Defense that is incredibly bad, even worse than Son Family’s. For this reason, Vegeta Family places lower than the former.



Man how badly have they aged. Androids are starting to suffer from the fact that, while they were the Top Team not too long ago, they never really had a stand-out Fighter that could carry the Team. Rather, they relied on Synergy and Diversity to be great. For this reason, now that the Meta is starting to shift, all the Androids are feeling a bit powercrept.

Female Warrior

They go down to Tier 3. Their Core is just not good enough to justify the Team’s messy Diversity and Ability Bonus Value. However, we can be sure about the fact that at some point in the future they’ll become Z Tier all of a sudden again, like it’s happened two times already.

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