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Carley Quave

Content Contributor and Former Sub-Site Lead

Articles Worked On

Ultra Space-Time Rush Event Guide
Challenge Rush Event Guide
Title Plates
Cell: The Evolving Life Form Event Guide
Fearsome Android #20 Event Guide
EX God of Destruction Beerus (Yellow)
EX Chilled (Yellow)
EX Super Janemba (Yellow)
SP Golden Frieza (Green)
SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu: Super (Green)
Legends Road - Youth Goku Event Guide
Knockdown! The Immortal Vegeta Event Guide
The Ultimate Showdown: Gods vs the Super Warrior Event Guide
Rising Battle: Vegito Event Guide
DBLegends Showdown in Las Vegas Contestants
Support Medal List
Update on Bandai Namco's Tournament and Meta Guides
Perfect Cell the Super Life Form! Event Guide
Fearsome Android #19 Event Guide
Another Future! The Android Menace Event Guide
Kakarot!!! Event Guide
SP Metal Cooler (Red)
Yamcha's Home Run★Derby Event Guide
The Invincible Android #17 Event Guide
Legends Road - Great Saiyaman 1 Event Guide
EX Youth Bulma (Yellow)
SP Ribrianne (Blue)
Legends Road: Hope!! Event Guide
Cell: The Ultimate Life Form Event Guide
Dragon Ball Legends Re-Roll Guide
Broly Event Guide
Raditz Attacks! Event Guide
Nappa the Cruel!! Event Guide
Rising Battle: Broly Event Guide
Legends Road - Gotenks Event Guide
The Cell Games Event Guide
The Advent of Frieza, the Universal Emperor! Event Guide
SP Super Saiyan Vegeta (Yellow)
Super Saiyan Broly Event Guide
Cell: The Evolving Life Form Part II Event Guide
EX Tien (Red)
SP Super Namekian Lord Slug (Blue)
Q&A Upgrade to Forum!
EX Super Saiyan Vegeta (Blue)
SP Sagas Warrior Equipment Guide
SP Super Saiyan Berserk Kale (Red)
SP Final Form Cooler (Blue)
EX Thouser (Purple)
EX Female Warrior Equipment Guide
EX Fasha (Red)
EX Pan: Honey (Red)
Meta Shift: Summons and PVP
EX Android #18 (Purple)
SP God of Destruction Beerus (Green)
Top Color Counter Teams
EX Super Saiyan Vegeta (Purple)
Meta Shift: Fighter Balances and Legends Road
Meta Shift: Black Friday
SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Purple)
EX Frieza Force Equipment Guide
EX Android #16 (Yellow)
Bardock's Special Damage Calculation
Top Tag Teams
EX Cell Jr. (Yellow)
EX Youth Gohan (Red)
EX Android #19 (Red)
SP Super Janemba (Purple)
Best Special Moves For Shallot
SP World Champion Hercule (Red)
SP Perfect Form Cell (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Kid Goten (Green)
The Invincible Android #18 Event Guide
SP Fused with Kami Piccolo (Blue)
SP Super Saiyan Kid Trunks (Yellow)
EX Kid Trunks (Blue)
EX Tier List
Fierce Battle! Vegeta the Prince of Fate Event Guide
EX Vegeta (Red)
EX Turles (Green)
SP Goku (Purple)
SP Cooler (Green)
EX Pan (Purple)
EX 1st Form Frieza (Yellow)
EX Bardock (Yellow)
EX Demon King Piccolo (Purple)
Dragonball Legends Beginners Guide
EX Teen Trunks (Yellow)
EX Android #20 (Yellow)
EX 3rd Form Frieza (Purple)
EX Final Form Frost (Blue)
EX Vegeta (Green)
EX Fused with Nail Piccolo (Yellow)
SP Kid Gohan (Yellow)
HE Shallot (Light)
EX Raditz (Blue)
SP Goku (Blue)
EX Goku (Blue)