What Does Legends Premium Mean For The Game?

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The new Legends Premium Vol.1 banner mainly focuses on Son Family, however it comes with some unwelcome mechanics. In fact, in order to pull from the Banner, players needs some Tickets which are only obtainable from the game’s Shop in exchange for real money. While this isn’t the first time that Dragon Ball Legends pulled off something like this -- another example is the New Year Banner --. However, the situation is worth analyzing to understand what this addition could mean for the future of the game.


Legends Premium Vol.1

Legends Premium Vol.1 Simulator

There are two types of Tickets, which have to be used in different Banners. The Silver Ticket Banner only includes EX and SP Fighters. Its rates are pretty good, in fact the highlighted SP Fighter rates amount to a whopping 6.5%, which is a basically unprecedented rate in the history of the game. Regarding the Golden Ticket Banner, it only includes the highlighted SP Fighters. It’s worth noting that the strongest Fighter on the Banner, namely SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED, has the lowest rate among the highlighted SP Fighters -- 0.5% on the Silver Banner, 10% on the Golden Banner.--

Regarding the shop deals, there are three steps. Buying the deal once unlocks the successive step, up to the third which can be bought up to three times. Each step contains more Summon Tickets than the precedent, along with Energy and Skip Tickets, however its price increases as well.


Overall, these aren’t bad deals real money wise if we consider the regular cost of Chrono Crystals in this game. These deals contain a sure chance at getting SP Fighters, along with useful resources, the Developers know what they’re doing.

Worth it?

While the deal is generally good, the same can’t be said for the Banners it enables to pull on. In fact, despite their good rates, the highlighted Fighters are mostly outdated, except SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED, although he’s the only SP Fighter with a reduced rate on the Banner. Crucial Fighters for Son Family and Hybrid Saiyan -- SP SSJ Kid Goten PUR, SP SSJ Teen Gohan BLU, SP SSJ3 Gotenks YEL -- are not included. Basically, you’re spending a lot of money for a good chance at getting one strong Fighter, which is objectively not worth it.

What Does This Mean For The Game In General?

Since the Banner is classified as “Vol.1”, we can expect for it to be a recurrent series, probably featuring more Legendary Exclusive Fighters. However, as long as they keep padding it with weak Fighters, it’ll remain a bad deal for everyone, and so it won’t be very impactful since probably only a few players will buy it.

 If you’re not happy with the deal, simply don’t buy it, it’s the best way to show that these type of Business isn’t of your liking. After all, Gacha developers often do these kind of things to test the market and try to find profitable formulas, and the ones which aren’t get scrapped.

How Could It Be Improved?

A better way for the developers to implement this, would be to at least make some Tickets obtainable for free through missions. Making the players-base happy is the best way to incentivize them to spend on your game, so for example giving a Golden Ticket for free would be a good move in that direction.

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