Awakened UR Immaculately Innocent Approach - Chi-Chi (Youth) Super PHY

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Cost 18
BABA PTS 15000


HP 7,220
ATK 8,752
DEF 5,097



Chi-Chi (Youth) is a welcomed surprise for the DB Saga and Youth Teams. Chi-Chi can hit incredibly hard, Stuns the Enemy, and when paired alongside a Goku (Youth) this Card gain a significant DEF Buff. Chi-Chi does lose a chunk of her ATK if she gets hit, and without a Goku(Youth) Ally she also loses some much needed DEF. However, these inconveniences are minor and should not take away from how powerful this Card is post Dokkan Awakening.


Ox King’s Prodigy

Chi-Chi’s Super ATK is amazing thanks to its 50% chance to Stun the Enemy, but more importantly her Passive Skill provides a 250% ATK Buff whenever launching Super ATK. On a DB Saga or Youth Team Chi-Chi can easily gain extra ATK Buffs, potentiAlly an extra 30% ATK, with the ATK Links “The Innocents” and “Guidance of the Dragon Balls.” 

Wedding Bells

On top of a massive ATK Buff, Chi-Chi also gains a 150% DEF Buff whenever players have a Goku (Youth) on the Team, which is not too hard to achieve considering this Card’s Categories.


Potential Glass Cannon

While the 150% DEF Buff is phenomenal it is Chi-Chi’s only other DEF Option aside from Stunning the Enemy. If players for some reason do not have a Goku (Youth) Card on the Team Chi-Chi loses out on a much needed DEF Buff, as her DEF Stats are not the best, and there are numerous bosses that can disable Stuns. Without her DEF Buff, if players are not careful Chi-Chi becomes a glass cannon that needs to be on the second or third slot to avoid taking too much Damage.

Passive Skill Balance

Players should be aware that if Chi-Chi receives Damage she loses 50% ATK for 3 turns, so players should try to keep Chi-Chi away from the first slot in order to not lose out on ATK Buffs. A minor inconvenience, considering Chi-Chi’s ATK Buffs.


The Ox-Princess

Chi-Chi is going to work well on either of her two Categories, but whether players run her on Youth or DB Saga they should definitely bring a Goku (Youth) Card. Finding a Goku (Youth) Ally is not hard, but Chi-Chi needs that DEF Buff. The best scenario for this Card is being on a Team led by All-or-nothing Punch - Goku (Youth) because he Leads both Youth and DB Saga, which opens up room for more support Cards that can Buff Chi-Chi’s DEF, as well as her ATK.


Moves and Skills

Leader Skill

Super ATK

Stay Away From Me!
Causes supreme damage with a high chance of stunning the enemy
Ki Cost 12
Max Lv Bonus
Increase Rate 150
Level Req. 20

Passive Skill

Racing Heart
ATK +250% when performing a Super Attack; ATK -50% for 3 turns after receiving attack; DEF +150% when there is a character whose name includes 'Goku (Youth)' on the team

Link Skills

Battlefield Diva
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

The Innocents
ATK +10%
Linkable Cards

More Than Meets the Eye
ATK +300
Linkable Cards

The Incredible Adventure
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

Guidance of the Dragon Balls
ATK +20%
Linkable Cards

Shattering the Limit
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

Hidden Potential

Type ATK Boost
Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. The effect increases along with the skill level.

Total Stat Buffs


Total Cost


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