Awakened UR Pure at Heart - Chi-Chi (Youth) Super PHY

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Cost 13
BABA PTS 15000


HP 5,340
ATK 7,226
DEF 3,798



Moves and Skills

Leader Skill

Pure at Heart
INT and PHY Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50%
Cards Affected by Skill

Super ATK

Stay Away From Me!
Causes supreme damage with a medium chance of stunning the enemy
Ki Cost 12
Max Lv Bonus
Increase Rate 150
Level Req. 20

Passive Skill

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire​
ATK +180% when performing a Super Attack; ATK -60% for 3 turns after receiving attack

Link Skills

Battlefield Diva
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

The Innocents
ATK +10%
Linkable Cards

More Than Meets the Eye
ATK +300
Linkable Cards

The Incredible Adventure
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

Guidance of the Dragon Balls
ATK +20%
Linkable Cards

Hidden Potential

Type ATK Boost
Slightly raises ATK when AGL attacks STR, STR attacks PHY, PHY attacks INT, INT attacks TEQ, or TEQ attacks AGL. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. The effect increases along with the skill level.

Total Stat Buffs


Total Cost


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