SSR Girlish Mystique - Videl INT

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Cost 6
BABA PTS 10000


HP 5,861
ATK 5,750
DEF 3,445



Moves and Skills

Leader Skill

Girlish Mystique
INT and STR Type Ki +3, and HP, ATK & DEF +30%
Cards Affected by Skill

Super ATK

Eagle Kick
Causes supreme damage to enemy and lowers ATK & DEF
Ki Cost 12
Max Lv Bonus
Increase Rate 150
Level Req. 20

Passive Skill

Universal Prestige
Attacked enemy's ATK -20%; recover 20% of damage dealt as health

Link Skills

Champion's Strength
Ki +1
Linkable Cards

Cold Judgment
DEF +20%
Linkable Cards

Money Money Money
Ki +1
Linkable Cards

Ki +1
Linkable Cards

Battlefield Diva
Ki +2
Linkable Cards

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