Event Guide: Prime Battle Looming Menace

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The time traveling bug hunting season is open! By using Cards acquired exclusively from events, players can get the newest Awakened LR Life Form of Hate and Ruin - Cell (1st Form) Extreme TEQ. A very powerful F2P Artificial Lifeforms leader.

Recommended Teams

You’ll want to bring in as many Androids/Cell Saga Category Allies as possible, as they increase the drop rate in the event. Below are some Card suggestions:

The four above are the core of Pure Saiyans. To round up the Team, you can bring extra drop rate chance with:

For a more consistent Team, some good options would include:

Alternate Teams

Here are other Team options for players that lack too many Cards for the Pure Saiyans and Androids/Cell Saga team above:

Stage Guide

Stage 1: Mysterious Monster
Mysterious Monster Stage Image

This first stage drops the base SSR Mysterious Monster - Cell (1st Form) TEQ, You’re up against Cell and he has only one Phase, so it’s not a hard Stage to beat as long as you’re using a fully leveled Team. You will need to farm 14 copies of this Card, 10 for his Super ATK and 4 for his Hidden Potential. For players that are short on Elder Kais, it’ll be necessary to farm 10 more to get his LR form up to Super ATK level 20, for a total of 24.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
0 - 1
Stage 2: A Monster With Goku's Ki
A Monster With Goku's Ki Stage Image

Cell has now two Phases, and starts doing some Damage at Phase 2. This Stage shouldn’t be too hard for the recommended Teams, but it’s a good time to start bringing some Senzu Beans and other Healing items to guarantee the win.

15 medals from this are needed to Dokkan Awaken Cell, and players wanting to save Elder Kais will have to farm an extra 15 medals for a total of 30.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
Stage 3: Life Form of Hate and Ruin
Life Form of Hate and Ruin Stage Image

This is where the real battle begins. Cell has now three forms and is very dangerous in the last one. Remember that you can land on Ki nodes before the fight to make it easier for your Cards to fire their Super ATKs, and don’t be stingy with your Battle Items.

The grind here is brutal as you’ll need 777 medals to awaken Cell to LR, or 1554 if you’re saving your Elder Kais.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
5, 7, 10, 15, or 20 

Eleven Steps to Max Out Your LR Cell:

  1. Fuse  1 SSR Cell with 9 others to get his Super ATK to 10.

  2. Z-Awaken this Cell  to UR to unlock his Hidden Potential system

  3. Use 4 other copies to unlock all his paths in the Hidden Potential system.

  4. Dokkan Awaken Cell to UR using 15 medals from Stage 2.

  5. Dokkan Awaken Cell to UR using 777 medals from Stage 3

  6. You should have one LR Cell at Super ATK level 10/20, be sure to lock the Card so you don’t accidentally lose him;

  7. Use Elder Kais to max out LR Cells Super ATK to 20/20, OR follow the next 4 steps;

  8. Fuse one of the SSR Cells with all the other 9 to get him to Super ATK level 10.

  9. Dokkan Awaken him to UR using 15 medals from Stage 2.

  10. Dokkan Awaken him to LR using 777 medals from Stage 3.

  11. Use this new LR Cell as a training material for the LR Cell you locked in step 6.

Is It Worth the Grind?

For players that can afford it, it’s recommended to use Elder Kais to lessen the grind for this Card. Although very painful to farm, LR Cell is a great investment for all players.

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