Event Guide: Prime Battle Protector of Future Peace

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Starting every Saturday at 22:30 PST Until Sunday 22:29 PST, players can change the dismal future by bringing Teams comprised solely of Cards obtained from events. Take on three Stages of increasing difficulty and grind for quest rewards to get LR Alternate Ending - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) S.AGL.

Recommended Teams

Below are a few teams that can get through each Stage with little resistance. All Cards suggested are obtainable through specific events, and some can be rainbowed with special event Potential Orbs. As far as Support Items are concerned, you want to save your stronger items for tougher challenges or events like Super Battle Road. A Senzu Bean and Dende are more than enough.

Stage Guide

Stage 1: “Hope” Returns
Stage 1 trunks art

Stage 1 is against one Trunks with two health bars. With the proper Team, Stage 1 should not be an issue. On the Stage board, look out for the Ki charging spaces on the board. There are also spaces to get a few thousand Zeni, Awakening Medal Capsules, and Training Item Capsules if Ki isn’t a priority.

Players should run this Stage until they’ve recruited a minimum of 14 SSR Trunks Cards--enough Cards to max out Trunks’ Hidden Potential System and Super ATK. If a player doesn’t plan on using Elder Kais to raise LR Trunks’ Super ATK to level 20, they should farm an additional ten Trunks Cards for a total of 24.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
0 - 1
Stage 2: A Gift from Time Traveling
Stage 2 trunks art

In Stage 2, the difficulty begins to ramp up as there are now two phases in the fight. Players have to fight the Trunks from Stage 1 and then Trunks in his Super Saiyan form, who has two health bars.

Be careful not to get hit with a surprise Super ATK in the second phase. Whether a player runs a specific Category Team or Mono TEQ, this Stage should not be too difficult, but don't be afraid to use a Senzu Bean.

Players should farm Stage 2 for 30 medals if they plan to grind for LR Trunks' max Super ATK and not use Elder Kais.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
Stage 3: Protector of Future Peace
Stage 3 trunks Art

Stage 3 is comprised of all the previous fights in Stage 2, but now with an additional third phase where Trunks ascends and the battle against Alternate Ending - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) begins. Remember to land on Ki spaces on the board to be able to launch Super ATKs before Trunks during the fight.

LR Trunks has three health bars and can deal some severe Damage if he launches a Super ATK. On completion of Stage 3, players are rewarded with the Awakening Medals Legend’s Mark (SS Trunks (Future)), which are needed to Dokkan Awaken Trunks into an LR. While the fight might be quick, the grind is not. To Dokkan Awaken just one Trunks into an LR, players need to farm 777 medals.

Stage Drop Rewards

Reward Qty Probability of Drop
5, 7, 10, 15, or 20 

Is It Worth the Grind?

LR Trunks Card Thumbnail

LR Alternate Ending - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) S.AGL is definitely worth the grind as he is an incredible F2P Card that is useful for both F2P and P2P players. Alternate Ending - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) is a Category leader for Future Saga, and is also impressive in other category Teams like Hybrid Saiyans, Vegeta’s Family, Time Travelers, and Androids/Cell Saga.

Trunks’ Passive Skill grants flat ATK and DEF Buffs and while percentage-based Buffs are always better at max stats, with the right team, Trunks can tank serious Damage and hit hard. Trunks is viable in Dokkan Events and a decent pick for certain Super Battle Road Stages.

The initial grind of awakening Trunks to LR is worth it, but whether or not grinding another 777 Awakening Medals to max out his Super ATK depends on how dedicated a player is to not using up their Elder Kais.

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