Basic Mechanics: Moves and Skills

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Cards have several Skills that can give themselves and their Team an advantage: Leader Skills, Passive Skills, Super Attacks, Link Skills, and sometimes, Active Skills.

Leader Skills (LS)

The leader of the Team--ie, the Card in the first team slot--is the only Card whose Leader Skill will be active in combat.

team example

The most common ones offer bonus attributes for Cards that fall under the Leader Skill’s restrictions.

Zoom of Coora's Leader Skill

As you can see in the above example, making this Coora Card the leader gives the team: “TEQ and INT Type ATK+ 20%”. This means that under this Card’s Leader Skill, all TEQ or INT typed Cards in the Team will get the bonus, including the leader.

You will usually be able to have two Leader Skills Active in regular content, with the second one coming from a Guest Card chosen before each Quest. Be sure to choose a Guest Card that fits well with your Team.

Passive Skills

These have various effects depending on the Card and also different activation conditions. Some can Boost your stats, Heal Damage, change the color of Ki Orbs or increase Ally Ki. Be sure to read what each of your Cards do to be able to use them to their full potential.

passive skill example

Super Attacks (SA)

These are special attacks all Cards activate when they gather 12 Ki. Some Cards will have extra effects attached to their Super ATKs, like lowering Enemy stats or increasing their own. Some Cards can activate their Super ATK with less than 12 Ki, some Cards have a second Super ATK that activates if a second Ki quota is met. 

Note: increasing your Ki will increase your Damage for that turn by up to 160% depending on the Card, so even if their Super ATK isn’t activated, having more Ki is usually better.

super atk example

Link Skills

These are Skills that activate when the Card is placed next to another that also has that same Link Skill. These are generally simple but offer important stat and Ki Boosts--a few also have extra effects. 

Note: some Link Skills have special activation requirements on top of linking to specific Cards.

Active Skills

These are usually very strong Skills that only a few Cards have. Like Passives, they have various activation conditions and effects. Some unleash high-Damage attacks instantly, others allow for powerful Transformations. If you happen to have a Card with these Skills, be sure to read them!

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