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Game Modes can be accessed by pressing the blue Start button at the main screen.

Main Menu


Also known as story mode, here you can experience Dokkan story while traveling through Areas. Each Area has multiple Stages and each Stage has up to 3 difficulties. Here is a quick rundown on each difficulty:

The 3 difficulties in Dokkan: Normal, Hard and Z-hard.

All difficulties get progressively harder as you go through Areas. Meaning a Normal Stage in Area 15 is harder than a Hard Stage in Area 1.  

  • Normal is the standard, and it’s very easy to progress for everyone.
  • Hard will usually require some strong Cards, or a fully leveled Team.
  • Z-Hard requires a fully leveled and Awakened Team, or a Team of under-leveled strong Cards.

After Area 19, you’ll have a new difficulty: Super. You will want to have a fully leveled and Awakened Team of strong Cards for this one. Overall, Quest Mode is very easy to breeze through, and rewards you with valuable Dragon Stones--the premium currency of Dokkan Battle.
You will also find Dragon Balls scattered through the Stages, collecting them is well worth it!

Dragon Ball visual aid.

From Area 16 onwards, green Incredible Gems start appearing from stage tiles and by fighting special Enemies, you can exchange those Gems at Baba’s Shop.

Incredible Gem icon

Rainbow Circles give you 1 Incredible Gem for stepping on it. Defeating Pilaf gets you 10 Gems, while Launch gives you 15 Gems. Higher difficulties have better chances for these Enemies to appear.



This is where the main action in Dokkan is. You’ll find four tabs: Story, Growth, Challenge and Z-Battle.

Story Menu

Story Events revive famous Dragon Ball moments, Dokkan style, offering great rewards like Free Cards. You will also find Strike events at the bottom, which are events for old and mostly outdated Cards that are still useful for farming SA.

It’s recommended to start farming story events ASAP since they rotate out and offer some of the strongest Free To Play Cards in Dokkan.

Growth Tab

Growth is the most useful tab for new players. Here, you will find all you need to build up your Team and make your Cards stronger.

Epic Showdown

An Epic Showdown is a very easy event that rewards a Goku Card that you can Dokkan Awaken to SSJ Goku. He’s not very strong, but can be useful very early on.

Normal and Hard Stages drop 5 Gregory and 10 Bubbles Awakened Medals, respectively, and are the most Stamina efficient way to farm these items. Z-Hard drops the R Overflowing Resolve- Goku TEQ Card that can be Dokkan Awakened into SR Message from Another World - Goku (Angel) AGL.

Stage 2 Normal mode drops SR Message from Another World - Goku (Angel) but only the first time you beat it. This Goku Card can then Dokkan Awaken into SSR Legendary Super Saiyan - SSJ Goku TEQ by using the Medals that drop on Z-Hard. The Hard version of this Stage has no noteworthy drops.

Bee Pan

Pan’s Secret Adventure is a Rank EXP farming event. You can enter each of the two Stages only once a week. Leveling your Rank gives you tons of rewards and increase your max Stamina and your max Team Cost.

SSR Cosmic Dawdler - Pan (GT) (Honey) STR and her Awakening Medals also drop as Stage rewards and via Mission rewards. To awaken her to LR, you’ll need to complete Stage 2 eight times with a full Team of Cards that have the GT Link Skill.

Kame School Training

Turtle School Training and Hercule’s World Tournament are daily Stages that reward you Card EXP materials and Hercule Statues that can be sold for Zeni. Be sure to farm them every day!

Having Peppy Girls category Cards in your Team makes Roshi drop more items.

Hercule World Tournament

Using World Tournament category Cards will make Hercule drop more Statues.

Korin Tower

Training at Korin Tower is a decent place to farm extra Card EXP materials if you’re needing it.

Popo's Training

Training in the Clouds is a daily Stage that rewards Battle Items, Card EXP, or Awakening Medals depending on which path you choose.

Get Awakening Medals

Get Awakening Medals is exactly what the name states. Those are handy stages that let you collect Awakening Medals for your Cards. This is very useful early on.


Challenge Tab

The Challenge tab is the home of Dokkan Events that let most URs Dokkan Awaken to their Transcended UR forms. In this tab, you can also find the ultra hard Challenge modes like Fighting Legend: Goku and Boss Rush.


Z-Battle features rotating Extreme Z-Battle (EZA) events that have very tough restrictions and get harder with every Stage you fight. The good thing is that first clears in this mode do not cost STA--but it gets very hard!

World Tournament

World Tournament

This is where you can engage in Events and compete with players all over the world for a ton of rewards. It’s usually active once every two months for the weekend, and worth participating even if you are not very strong because among the rewards you get Dragon Stones, exclusive SSRs, and guaranteed SSR tickets.

Ultimate Clash

This is a very hard event available only to high ranked players. You won’t have to worry about it until much later.

Portal Memories

Allows revisiting of old and inactive Events at the cost of Keys. These Keys are usually given in Log In Rewards, but can sometimes be bought in the Exchange Treasure Shop.

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