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This guide contains tips, techniques, and specific guides for some advanced gameplay situations.

Passive Skills with Health Conditions

Some Cards have Passive Skills that activate based on certain HP conditions. These conditions must be fulfilled at the start of the turn, otherwise, they will remain inactive during the entire turn. For example, UR Proof of Resurrection - Golden Frieza E.AGL has a Passive Skill that reduces Damage by 90% if HP is above 50%. This means HP must be above 50% at the start of the turn for the Passive Skill to activate. However if an item is used to restore HP or a Passive Heal like UR Glacial Prestige - Frieza (1st Form) E.TEQ’s pushes the Team over 50% HP after the turn has started, the Damage Reduction won’t activate.

Quickly Filling the Dokkan Meter

Contrary to popular belief, the number of Ki Orbs collected does not affect how quickly the Dokkan Meter fills up. Selecting Ki Orbs that match the attacking Card doubles the growth of the Meter, and is the only way to change how quickly it grows.

Damage Reduction vs. Defense

It is very easy to confuse the effects of Damage reduction and Defense. Both effects reduce the amount of Damage taken, but through different mechanisms.

Damage reduction will take the incoming Damage from the Enemy, apply the Card’s DEF, then decrease that amount by the stated reduction percentage. For example, if a Card has 50% Damage reduction and 50,000 DEF, and the Attacker does 100,000 Damage, that Damage will be reduced from 100,000 to 50,000, because of the 50,000 DEF, then reduced to 25,000 because of the 50% Damage reduction.

This means that Cards with moderate Damage reduction but no DEF Boost can still be susceptible to high Damage. Damage reduction is still highly useful when tanking Super Attacks, however.

Dynamic Link and Active Skill Activation

Unlike Passive Skill effects, Link Skill effects can be activated mid-turn if the conditions are met. Examples of Link Skills with specific activation requirements are: “Big Bad Bosses” (HP below 80%), “Berserker” (HP below 50%), and “Flee” (HP below 30%). If HP is above the threshold at the beginning of the turn, taking Damage during the turn can activate the Link Skill mid-turn. 

Some Active Skills have HP-based activation requirements, which can be met mid-turn as well. Some Link Effects can Heal, which means HP can change while setting rotations. If HP is pushed above or below a certain threshold, Active Skills with an HP requirement can be activated.

For example, LR Miracle-Calling Clash - Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) & Super Saiyan Goten (Kid) S.TEQ has an Active Skill requiring them to be below 59% HP. If the rotation is set up where two Cards with the Link Skill “Namekians” are Linked and push HP over 59%, the Active Skill will deactivate.

Rage Mode Ki Manipulation

This tip is specifically about a quirk with the UR Pinnacle of Fury - Goku S.STR Card. He’s unique in that, after transforming, he gains an Active Skill and goes into Rage Mode. Every other Card that has Rage Mode triggers this mode immediately after fulfilling certain HP requirements. This may currently be a bug, but immediately after Goku comes out of his Rage Mode, you have the opportunity to reset your rotations.

This means that when Goku’s Active Skill is triggered, you can set him as the third attacker, collect Ki with the first two attackers, activate Rage Mode, then completely redo your rotations after Rage Mode completes. This can be useful if you need to set up the Ki field in order to ensure Goku gets a Super Attack, if you want to collect some HP, or if you want to pad the Dokkan Meter. Be careful if you are collecting HP though, since increasing health past 50% will deactivate Goku’s Active Skill.

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