Should You Pull? Legendary Summon - LR Ultra Instinct Goku

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This post is meant to aid players to make a decision on whether it’s worth pulling on the new banner or not. There’s no correct answer as it all depends on how many Dragon Stones a player is willing to spend and which Cards each player has in their box, which is why we won’t be making any decisive statements on this banner value.

New Cards


UI Goku is featured in 6 different categories, being a sub leader for Realm of Gods with a +3 Ki and +130% Buffs to ATK, DEF and HP. As a leader in this category, Goku performs fine but not amazing. He can also lead Super STR types giving a modest +4 Ki, +100% ATK, DEF, and HP, which won’t be enough for harder content. Generally speaking, Legendary Summon banners are not where you go looking for potent Leader Skills.

The three main categories for UI Goku are Realm of Gods, Representatives of U7, and Universe Survival Saga, due to having a few Dragon Ball Super related Link Skills. He pairs great with other versions of Goku and Vegeta, while working fine alongside other Tournament of Power Cards like Android 17, Android 18 or Jiren. The truth is as long as you’re giving him double Leader Skill Buffs, you don’t need to worry about any external support as Goku will do all the work by himself.

UI Gokus other categories are Kamehameha, Pure Saiyans and Goku’s Family, and while he’s not made for these three Teams, they are so vast and powerful and Goku is so independent that it really doesn’t matter, you can include him anywhere and he’ll be the MvP.

Game Modes

Goku is both viable and meta in all relevant game modes of Dokkan Battle. The exceptions are EZBs where he doesn’t get any bonuses, events where he is restricted, and one turn events like Dokkan Punch Machine. UI Goku is currently one of the most versatile cards in the game

Box Check

This is a list of some Cards that work well with the new hype:

A new PHY Beerus will be coming up to global very soon, and he will be a main leader for Realm of Gods. He also won’t be offering a lot to LR UI Goku, but being a very powerful Super Class that can change Ki Spheres to Rainbow make him slightly better compared to Zamasu.

Other Featured Cards

This banner features 11 other regular SSRs from the Tournament of Power. While most of these Cards are outdated, there are some exceptions.

Future Banners

Global Dokkan has been shifting banners around and introducing new Cards a lot lately, so nothing here is set in stone, but there are two Dokkanfests that might be coming soon and could be of interest for some Dragon Stone hoarding:

PHY Beerus will be coming soon in a Dokkanfest, he’s a very powerful and independent TUR that can work well in multiple teams and his performance is on a similar level to STR Cooler, he will be a meta leader for Realm of Gods and a new category. His banner will also feature a new STR Whis that pairs up very well with him.

There is also a Dual Dokkanfest with TEQ LR Vegito and STR LR Gogeta coming up, but there’s no way to know when. These two will be on a similar level to LR STR UI Goku, but more offensive oriented, and since they were an anniversary banner in JP, it’s bound to be filled with a lot of incredible Dokkanfest TURs in their banners. There are people saving up Dragon Stones for these two for months, and for a good reason.

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