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The Top Legendary Banner is back and features two great Future Saga LRs. While the featured LRs are not what many of us anticipated, they are still useful in the current meta. However, none of the Cards featured on this banner are new and will reappear in banners yet to come. Likewise, the rest of the featured Cards are slightly dated and probably not worth using up your stones. With the holidays around the corner, more discounts on their way, the question remains should you skip or pull on this banner?

Thank You Celebration Blues

While an extra Dokkan Fest LR is never a bad thing for players to have, the Top Legendary Banner is underwhelming considering we expected a certain Universe 6 Pure Saiyan duo. What is more even more underwhelming is that the featured Cards have been in the game for some time and players have had similar chances of pulling them across numerous banners.

While the prospect of gathering Legendary Summon Coins is helpful to some, it comes at the cost of numerous stones since this banner doesn’t have any discount. For whales, this banner could be the chance to get a few more dupes. However for the majority of players, this is far too expensive and, considering rumors of larger celebrations just around the corner in December, it is best to hold off.

Quick Breakdown: Noteworthy Featured Banner Cards

The Dregs AKA the Rest of the Banner

While players should still consider skipping this banner, the previously mentioned Cards are decent if players manage to pull them. Where the issues of this banner are compounded are with the rest of the featured Cards being lackluster and easily outclassed by the featured Cards on the transforming Trunks and Zamasu banners.

Take, for example, Final Will to Fight - Super Saiyan Gohan (Future), who is in dire need of an EZA post-Dokkan Awakening and his better PHY counterpart, Alternate Future - Super Saiyan Gohan (Future) who is on the transforming Trunks banner and becomes a much better Card once Dokkkan Awakened. 

Should You Pull? What About Banner X or Celebration Y?

Skip this banner. Even if players managed to save up a surplus of stones from the past few months, this banner has a terrible return on investment. There are no discounts and the featured Card line-up is terrible, aside from the LRs. The 5% chance of pulling the featured LRs is not great considering the rest of the featured SSR Cards also have the same rate. 

All of the Cards featured will return in the future, so you’re not missing out on anything. If by some chance you are a few Legendary Summon Coins away from redeeming an LR in the Baba Shop, then you’re probably a whale that really can do whatever you want.

Otherwise, save for the inevitable holiday banners or bigger celebrations down the road. There’s always going to be some fantastic new Card somewhere down the line and eventual power creep, so hoarding all the time seems a little pointless. However, spending stones on this banner is possibly the least efficient way of spending, considering the transforming Trunks & Zamasu banner are so much better.

If rumors are to be believed, Akatsuki and Bandai are rolling out something bigger relatively soon and will make up for the slight Global Thank You Celebration shaft. 

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