F2P Majin Buu Saga Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

Limitless Radiance - Super Vegito as a guest will maximize the Team’s stats with the highest Buff for Majin Buu Saga. Since the core Team is comprised of entirely Super Cards, any leader with strong Buffs for Super Class will suffice.

For fights with event Card restrictions, Brave Pair - Gohan (Teen) & Videl is possibly your best option.


Even though rotations are decided by RNG, Players will want Goku, Great Saiyaman 1 & 2, Trunks, and Candy Vegito on their main rotations. Gohan & Videl, and SSJ Gohan should be the Team’s floaters.

Reasons for Being On the Main Rotation:

Goku is the Team’s ace in the hole with a 40% ATK & DEF Buff at the start of a fight and as the fight progresses, Goku can build up to an additional 120% DEF and 180% ATK Buff. He’s low maintenance, straightforward, and will help defeat the toughest Enemies. 

Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 are the tank, Team Boost Ki and DEF, and Debuff Extreme Enemy DEF by 70%. This duo seals Enemies with their 12 Ki Super ATK and raises ally ATK by 30% with their 18 Ki Super ATK. 

With Goku on the Team, Trunks gains a 100% ATK and 50% DEF Buff. He can hit pretty hard, but shines as a tank with his DEF stacking Super ATK. Trunks’ Ki Links may not be the best, but fortunately, he brings his own Ki.

Candy Vegito is a fun Card with a Super ATK that stacks both ATK & DEF, has a 30% chance to stun, and disables Enemy guard which can help his allies get some great jabs in. This Card can somewhat tank provided its 70% chance to evade activates. While Candy Vegito has a nuking Buff for ATK & DEF, the lack of orb changers on the Team may not see much use of these Buffs.

Reasons to Float:

Gohan & Videl are heavy hitters with a 100% ATK Buff, which unfortunately gets reduced to 65% after 5 turns. However, the decrease in Passive Skill Buffs is made up for with a Super ATK that raises the Card’s ATK by 50% for 6 turns. This Card also has a 50% chance to launch two additional Attacks. If players are not going to be in a long event that needs ATK or DEF stackers, this Card can easily be put on the main rotation.

SSJ Gohan is the Team’s second support Card that provides allies with +2 Ki and a 25% ATK & DEF Buff. This Card isn’t on main rotation simply because Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 provide larger Buffs, but SSJ Gohan should not be slept on.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

With a nice balance of tanks, heavy hitters, and support, this F2P Majin Buu Saga Team can take on some of the hardest Dokkan Events. Can this Team take on the Fighting Legend: Goku Event? With only two DEF stackers most likely no, but never say never. Overall, this Team is a solid choice for F2P players.

What do you think of the Team build? If you think I missed something, overlooked certain Cards, or have builds you want to share feel free to reach out and leave a comment in our community thread!

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