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“Androids” Category has three excellent Leaders, any of which can be used to dominate the game. The best choice would be another LR Androids Card to provide the extra Ki for the LR Cards on the Team. 

Another extremely good option is PHY Last-Ditch Battle: Android #17, as he is overall an excellent Card that brings Ki and DEF support to the category from his Passive Skill. Furthermore, his Leader Skill brings the highest ATK and HP Buff of all the Leaders, at 170%, at the cost of a lower DEF Buff. 

The third option is UR Predatory Urge Android #21, who provides the same Buffs as LR Androids minus one Ki, and is another fantastic Card.


The Androids category Team is an astoundingly powerful one, especially following the 300 Million Downloads Celebration. This mighty Team is full of Debuffing, Status inflictions, and HP Recovery, making it difficult for Enemies to kill.

The pair of LR INT Cell and LR PHY Cell & Cell Jr. is going to be one of the two main rotations on the Team, and perform very well together. They share two Link Skills for +4 Ki and +15% ATK, plus another ATK & DEF +25% when “Big Bad Bosses” is active. Both these LR Cards are great tanks and Damage dealers, making this rotation a force to be reckoned with.

LR PHY Androids and PHY Android #17 are a monstrous duo on the other main rotation. Both these Cards Debuff ATK & DEF upon launching Super ATK, leaving the Enemy unable to cause any real Damage to the Team. If that wasn’t enough, the combined Passive Skills from these two Cards give Androids allies Ki +6, ATK +40%, and DEF +60%, which allows the LR Androids to land their 24 Ki Super ATK with ludicrous power while tanking efficiently at the same time. When the LR Androids use their Exchange mechanic and #16 emerges, the battle is essentially won.

TEQ Android #16 is an incredible tank for this Team, gaining well over 150% total DEF from his Passive Skill alone, as well as a high chance to guard all attacks. This, along with greatly raising DEF for the duration of the turn from his Super ATK, means he will barely take Damage. STR Android #18 is an amazing support for the Team, providing Ki +2 and a nice ATK & DEF Boost to allies. Furthermore, she lowers Enemy ATK on Super ATK, adding to the overall tankiness of the entire Team.

Recommended Alternates

Androids category has many excellent alternate Cards, many of which are almost as effective as the Top Tier recommendations for the Team.

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The Androids Team is easily among the top-tier Categories in the game, and can steamroll the vast majority of in-game content. This Androids Team is well-equipped to take on Super Battle Road, between the extraordinary combination of Debuffs, Healing, and Tanking capabilities. The Team can also best the Infinite Dragon Ball History event, but does encounter issues when challenging the Fighting Legend: Goku event.

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