Top Tier Namekians Team Guide

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Recommended Guest

Kami and Demon King United - Piccolo as a guest will maximize the Namekian Team’s stats. If none of your friends have Piccolo then Earnest Determination - Nail will be your second best option.

If players lack the previously suggested guests, Battle as a Namekian - Piccolo also leads the Namekian category, albeit with considerably smaller Buffs.


Even though rotations are decided by RNG, Players will want Piccolo, Nail, Demon King Piccolo, and Lord Slug on their main rotation. Kami and Saonel & Pirina should be the Team’s floaters.

Reasons for Being On the Main Rotation:

Base form Piccolo is an incredible asset thanks to his ability to foresee Enemy Super ATKs and stack DEF. Piccolo shines in this Namekian Team because players can easily use his Active Skill to turn Piccolo from a tank to a heavy hitter. Piccolo is a straightforward Card that will hold his own in most fights.

Nail is incredible thanks to Piccolo being on the Team, gaining a 200% ATK & DEF Buff, reduces Damage received the lower player HP and stacks ATK & DEF. In Short, Nail is the second most powerful Namekian on this Team.

Demon King Piccolo is a terrifying sight for the first 5 turns of battle, but even after his 200% ATK Buff runs out, it gets converted into a 120% ATK Buff which is still considerably high. This Card provides itself with Ki, making up for some lackluster Link Skills.

Lord Slug hits hard, tanks hits, and Debuffs Enemy DEF, so what more can you ask for? Lord Slug’s Giant Form can be a bit of a gamble, but when it does activate it can help with tanking Damage and getting some free hits.

Reasons to Float:

Kami’s role is a support Card thanks to his Passive Skill, and ability to significantly lower Enemy DEF with his Super ATK. Kami’s ATK & DEF are not the greatest, so keep an eye on him on tougher fights.

Saonel & Pirina are a F2P Card but due to their Buffs from Namekian Allies, they can perform considerably well on this Team. Truth be told they get a spot on this Team considering Dokkan’s unfortunate choice to make nearly every Piccolo Card have the same name, making Team composition for the Namekian category rather restrictive.

Recommended Alternates

Recommended Events

The Namekians category is limited at the moment, with its biggest hindrance being the majority of Piccolo Cards sharing the same name. If players have the core Team listed above, they can tackle a majority of Dokkan Events thanks to the Nail and Piccolo’s stacking ability. Can this Team take on something as challenging as the Fighting Legend: Goku Event? Sort of, it is not impossible but it takes some serious luck and item management considering the Team composition. 

While the Namekians Team may not be the best Dokkan Team, they should not be slept on and hopefully grow as a category with future updates.

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