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LR Goku & Frieza have been the best Leader for this category since their release. Along with Ki +3, their Leader Skill provides an unmatched +177% to all stats, allowing all Cards on the Team to reach their maximum potential. The next best Leader for the category is STR SSJ God SS Goku (Kaioken), who has another top-tier Leader Skill, and is a great addition to the Team.


Although the category is very small, it includes some of the most powerful Cards in the game, and they all work great together.

One main rotation is the timeless duo of LR Goku & Frieza and PHY Android #17. Android #17 provides excellent Ki and DEF support from his Passive Skill, and shares Ki +5 & ATK +25% from Link Skills with Goku & Frieza. Furthermore, his ability to lower ATK on Super ATK means he activates Goku & Frieza’s full Passive Skill on the first turn, meaning Goku & Frieza can launch their notoriously strong Super ATK at maximum power with ease. The power of this rotation cannot be overstated.

On the other recommended rotation, players can pair STR Kaioken Goku with Ultra Instinct Goku for a very strong turn. The two are guaranteed to launch Super ATKs, as they share Ki +6 from their Link Skills. This duo also share just over 25% ATK Buffs from Link Skills, which is very strong. Furthermore, this is the main Team where STR Kaioken Goku can launch his Active Skill, which causes tremendous Damage and provides a strong ATK Buff to allies. This rotation does extremely well Offensively and very well Defensively, and deserves a main rotation spot.

AGL SSJ God SS Vegeta is an excellent addition to any Team, as he has great Offensive and Defensive capabilities. He Links very well with the Team, as all Cards in this recommended build have the Ki +3 Link Skill “Tournament of Power”, allowing them all to Super ATK very easily. TEQ Android #18 is an excellent Defensive specialist for the Team, which is generally lacking in this category. She can change Ki Spheres from PHY to TEQ, allowing Goku & Frieza to collect extra Ki to launch their maximum power Super ATK, in the event that the Player decides they don’t want Android #18 to be extra tanky on that turn.

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Reommended Events

This category will perform extremely well against nearly every event in the game, as it’s simply too strong to be beaten most of the time. The category does have difficulties defeating long events, such as the “Fighting Legend: Goku” event. 

This category performed particularly well against the Jiren Extreme Z-Battle, but the event was present for a limited time and has since been unavailable.

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