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Awakened UR Roused Prince - Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta (Xeno) Super PHY
Awakened UR Limit-Breaking Super Power - Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Xeno) Super STR
Awakened UR Brave Fusion Fighter - Gotenks (Xeno) Super AGL
Awakened UR Entrusted Fusion Fighter - Gohanks (Xeno) Super INT
Awakened UR The Golden Strongest Form - Golden Cooler Extreme TEQ
Awakened UR Furious Researcher - Super Fu Extreme INT
Extreme Z-Battle: Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell Guide
Event Guide: Prime Battle Looming Menace
F2P Mono PHY Team Guide
F2P Joined Forces Team Guide
Awakened UR Explosive Rage - Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Youth) Super PHY
Awakened UR Newly Discovered Talent - Kale Super STR
Awakened UR Interest in New Power - Caulifla Super TEQ
F2P Androids/Cell Saga Team Guide
Top Tier Universe Survival Saga Team Guide
Extreme UR Tier List
Awakened UR Definitive Strength - Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta Super TEQ
Awakened UR Decisive Kamehameha - Super Saiyan God SS Goku Super PHY
Awakened UR Secret Technique for Victory - Tien Extreme INT
Awakened UR Power of Kindness and Courage - Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) Super AGL
Super LR Tier List
Should You Pull: “DOKKAN NOW!” Release Celebration
EZA Tier List
Beginner's Ticket Tier List
Awakened UR Resilient Will to Protect the Future - Trunks (Teen) (Future) Super TEQ
Thank You Ticket Exchange Tier List
Dragon Ball Guide
Game Modes Guide
How to Farm Cards
Basic Mechanics: Moves and Skills
How to Reroll
Awakened LR The True Value of Perfect Form - Cell (Perfect Form) Extreme INT
Awakened LR Awakened True Power - Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) Super AGL
Awakened UR Fusion with the Big Gete Star - Metal Cooler Extreme AGL
Awakened UR Glacial Prestige - Frieza (1st Form) Extreme TEQ
Awakened LR Unrivaled Saiyan's Peak - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta Super STR
Awakened LR Apex of Supreme Saiyan Power - Super Saiyan 4 Goku Super AGL
Awakened UR Explosive Evolution - Turles Extreme AGL
Awakened LR Fused Fighting Force - Super Saiyan Goku (Angel) & Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel) Super PHY
Awakened UR A Will Beyond Time - Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) Super PHY
Awakened UR Welcome to Hell - Perfect Cell Extreme STR
Awakened UR The Supreme Warrior - Super Gogeta Super STR
Awakened UR Netherworld Demon - Super Janemba Extreme INT
Awakened UR Heartless Destruction - Buu (Kid) Extreme PHY
Awakened LR The True Value of Perfect Form - Perfect Cell Extreme INT
Awakened LR Fused Super Power - Super Saiyan Goku & Super Saiyan Vegeta Super INT