Digimon ReArise Global PvE Tier List - Mega Digimons


Welcome to the revamped PvE Tier List for Digimon ReArise.

Unlike the PvP Tier List, PvE Tier List is much less stricter. This means you don’t have to abide to the tier list very closely.

Focus on the PvP side of the game because that’s where you get your weekly DigiRubies income. A good PvP team can do decent in PvE and only requires some small changes to do well in PvE.

Latest updates:

17th November 2019

  • Added Magnamon and Beelzemon

9th November 2019

  • Tier list revamp: separating the old tier list into PvP and PvE tier lists.
  • Added Vikemon, Seraphimon, RustTyrannomon, MirageGaogamon (likely to be released in this month)

Author's note:

  • I DO NOT have any datamine info whatsoever.
  • I merely predicts who is coming next based on the meta and release pattern so far.
  • Nothing is confirmed until the official news is out.
  • However, even if the predicted Digimons are not released, their Tier rating will likely be the same when they are eventually released.

Tier List

S Tier

S Tier Megas usually sport powerful Single Target (ST) attacks or powerful offensive effects that boost your DPS tremendously.

A Tier

A Tier Megas are generally one of the following:

  • DPS  but not as strong as S Tier Megas
  • Has good ability or skill effects that boost your team DPS
  • Has good ability or skill effects that boost your team survivability without sacrificing DPS

B Tier

B Tier Megas are basically:

  • A Tier Megas with the same useful ability or effects but at weaker potency
  • Healers that are useful for auto grinding

C Tier

C Tier Megas are literally sitting duck in your team.

They are in your team to perform 1 action throughout the whole battle or to provide passive ability only.

You will only use the relevant Digimons when you need them.

Notable Ultimates

S Tier Explanations

WarGreymon (Brave)

  • 2 ST skills
  • PWR debuff in main skill makes it very slot efficient vs PWR Raid bosses
  • Ability provide Darkness immunity for all allies.

MetalGarurumon (Calm)

  • 2 ST skills
  • Party Critical Rate buff to boost overall team DPS
  • Ability provide Paralysis immunity to all allies.

MirageGaogamon (Deft)

  • Main skill debuff DEF by 40%
  • The Mega upgrade for AeroVeedramon
  • Ability provide Burn immunity to all allies.

A Tier Explanations


  • ST main skill with Self Buff Critical Rate.
  • Ability provide Poison immunity to all allies.


  • Debuff PWR and TEC resistance
  • Perfect for a TEC team fighting PWR Raid Bosses
  • Ability provide Poison, Burn, Error immunity to all allies.


  • Main skill reduce enemy buff duration aka dispel
  • Will be very useful once Raid Bosses start getting buffs at the start of battle.
  • Ability provide Shock immunity to all allies.


  • ST main skill with decent PWR
  • Has both PWR and TEC resistance buff, versatile vs any Raid Boss
  • Can be bought from shop with 750 BP medals.

B Tier Explanations

Beelzemon (Calm)

  • Beelzemon is an ok DPS. He has very high TEC stat.
  • However, his damage is limited by the fact that his sub skill deals fixed damage (max 6999 at skill level 10).
  • His main skill hits hard but not enough to compensate for the sub skill.

Plessiomon (Devoted)

  • Healer. Helps in auto grinding.
  • Ability provide Freeze immunity to all allies. Heal can cleanse Sleep status.

Phoenixmon (Devoted)

  • Only heals Brave and Calm Digimons.
  • Has PWR and TEC resistance debuff to boost team DPS

Magnamon (Tenacious)

  • A powercrept version of Gankoomon.
  • PWR resistance and ability will come in play when needed.
  • Works well in a Tenacious team for UnderWorld but more good support are yet to be released.

Daemon (Deft)

  • Provoke Counter Tank with decent damage but wastes a lot of animation time
  • Ability provide Poison, Burn, Error immunity to Deft allies.

Boltmon (Brave)

  • Deals decent damage with Burn.
  • Ability provide a small Critical Rate buff to all allies.

Piedmon (Deft)

  • Deals decent damage
  • For some reason, has higher than usual damage modifiers compared to other Megas.

Ebemon (Calm)

  • Deals decent damage with Error.
  • Has 30% TEC debuff, handy vs TEC Raid Bosses.

C Tier Explanations


  • Use DEF buff once then auto battle.


  • Ability provide Skill Lock for all allies.


  • Ability provide Darkness immunity to all allies (if you don't have WarGreymon)


  • Ability provide Stun, Shock, Sleep, Freeze, Paralysis immunity to Brave allies and self.


  • Ability provide Burn, Error, Poison immunity to Brave allies.


  • Provoke Tank (only useful if Raid Boss' both skills are ST)

Notable Ultimates

Digimon (Type) Notes
AeroVeedramon 40% DEF debuff. Mandatory in all team, unless you have Megas equivalent.
Lilamon 60-80% PWR buffer. Scales with skill upgrades.
BlackMetalGreymon 60-80% PWR buffer. Scales with skill upgrades.
Wisemon 60-80% TEC buffer. Scales with skill upgrades.
WaruSeadramon 60-80% TEC buffer. Scales with skill upgrades.
Groundramon Decent ST DPS.
MagnaAngemon Arguably best generic healer if skill upgrades are high enough.



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