Digimon ReArise Global PvP Tier List - Mega Digimons


Welcome to the revamped PvP Tier List for Digimon ReArise.

Latest updates:

17th November 2019

  • Added Magnamon, Cherubimon, Ophanimon, Beelzemon

9th November 2019

  • Tier list revamp: separating the old tier list into PvP and PvE tier lists.
  • Added Vikemon, Seraphimon, RustTyrannomon, MirageGaogamon (likely to be released in this month)

Author's note:

  • I DO NOT have any datamine info whatsoever.
  • I merely predicts who is coming next based on the meta and release pattern so far.
  • Nothing is confirmed until the official news is out.
  • However, even if the predicted Digimons are not released, their Tier rating will likely be the same when they are eventually released.

Tier List

SS Tier

The very best Digimons in the game.

A SS tier Digimon is who you build your team around. Even if they have minimal support, they are already very powerful.

..... Actually, none of these Digimon are out yet for Global. But in the future, keep an eye out for:

  • Omnimon
  • Imperialdramon (Paladin mode)
  • UlforceVeedramon
  • Dynasmon
  • And more!

S Tier

You can build a team around S tier Digimons and they will serve you well until you have the SS Tier equivalent.

Another criteria of S tier is that they are versatile and do well in any team.

Some Megas will be rated S tier just because they synergise very well with a SS tier Digimon.

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

The rest of the Megas fall within C Tier which means they are not suitable for PvP. You will only use them because you have no other options.

Some C Tier Megas in PvP are actually good for PvE. Check them out in the PvE Tier List.

In most situations, even Ultimates are better than C tier Megas.

Consider selling them for DigiOrbs once you have better Megas.

SS Tier Explanations

Well, like I said, they're not out on Global yet, so you'll just have to be patient and check back later!

S Tier Explanations

Daemon (Deft)

  • This Digimon ‘time travel’ by 6 months in Global version and bring along with him a ridiculous power creep.
  • Good stats across the board with no weakness.
  • Good skills and passive abilities effects that synergise perfectly with each other.
  • Read the SYP for more details.

HiAndromon (Tenacious)

  • S tier for PvP is almost self explanatory:
    • Start the battle with 60% DEF buff for your whole team.
    • 5 man AoE attack with chance to inflict Shock.
    • If you have the DEF buff and your opponent doesn’t, you win the fight, no questions asked.


    A Tier Explanations

    Piedmon (Deft)

    • Piedmon is a very good AoE DPS.
    • For some reason, he has unusual damage modifiers for his skills, about 20 - 30% higher. Also has a tiny 30% TEC self buff.
    • He also inflict Darkness/Blind which is useful occasionally
    • Ability increases Piedmon’s chance to target lower HP enemies. Situational at best since his skills are AoE anyway.

    MegaGargomon (Calm)

    • MegaGargomon can only be gotten from the 1 time DigiEgg reward when you reach S rank in PvP for the first time.
    • He has good stats and both skills are multi targets.
    • Main skill debuff PWR and sub skill debuff TEC resistance.
    • On top of that, his ability provides immunity to Poison, Burn and Error for all calm allies. (Edited: Fixed to calm allies - Thanks Anonymous)

    RustTyrannomon (Brave)

    • RustTyrannomon is a good AoE DPS.
    • His main skill hits 2 targets and reduce buff duration by 3 turns, essentially dispel the buffs.
    • His sub skill hits 3 targets and debuff Block rate.
    • His ability provides Shock immunity to all allies which help significantly vs all the HiAndromon out there.

    Seraphimon (Brave)

    • Seraphimon is a good AoE DPS.
    • His main skill hits all 5 targets and ignore Block.
    • Sub skill hits 2 targets and buff DEF 20% (does not stack with other DEF buff)
    • His ability provide Burn, Poison, Error immunity to Brave allies.

    Minervamon (Calm)

    • Minervamon is a good AoE DPS.
    • Poison and Block Rate debuff also increases DPS slightly.
    • A good ability which passively debuffs your opponent’s DEF.

    NoblePumpkinmon (Deft)

    • Free Mega given to all players.
    • Provide PWR resistance buff to help mitigate Daemon’s damage.
    • Inflict Sleep to 3 targets.

    VenomMyotismon (Brave)

    • He sports the highest base PWR in the game at 4309. Wargreymon is at 3520 btw.
    • At the same time, some of the lowest HP/DEF among Megas.
    • Literally a glass cannon.

    Sakuyamon (Calm)

    • Sakuyamon damage is low but it’s compensated by hitting all 5 enemies.
    • She can debuff DEF and inflict Skill Lock to all 5 enemies at once.
    • Her ability provide Skill Lock immunity to all allies.

    Beelzemon (Calm)

    • Beelzemon has very high TEC in exchange for his low HP.
    • His main skill attacks 2 targets with 3 hits each. The total modifier is divided into 3 separate hits and each separate hit can Crit and be Blocked, which balances itself.
    • His sub skill deals a fixed amount of damage depending on skill upgrades (999 to 6999). The damage bypass DEF but can Crit and be Blocked.
    • His ability provide Stun immunity to all allies and boosts his own Pinpoint Rate by 40%.

    Boltmon (Brave)

    • Boltmon is a good AoE DPS, boosted by Burn status effect.
    • A good ability which boosts your team Critical Rate.

    Ravemon (Deft)

    • Ravemon is a decent AoE DPS which inflict Darkness/Blind status effect.
    • Literally a weaker version of Piedmon.
    • However, his ability which provide Darkness immunity to the team is more useful.


    • She has low HP but high DEF for a Devoted Mega. Her TEC is negligible since she is not a DPS. She really need Devoted special Plugin with +500 HP to be good.
    • Her main skill is a ST attack which cleansed all status effects from all your allies and boost Critical Rate for Tenacious/Devoted Digimons.
    • Her sub skill deals damage to 3 targets and debuffs their DEF by 30% with chance to Inflict Sleep.
    • Her ability provide 20% raw HP boost and immunity to Sleep, Stun, Shock, Freeze and Paralysis but ONLY for tenacious and Devoted Digimons.
    • Premium support Digimon for Tenacious/Devoted teams but the issue lies with Tenacious/Devoted Digimons are mostly mediocre.

    Ebemon (Calm)

    • Ebemon is a good AoE DPS, boosted by Error status effect.
    • Ability to debuff enemy’s Critical Rate is situational.


    B Tier Explanations

    MirageGaogamon (Deft)

    • MirageGaogamon is the Mega version of AeroVeedramon (40% DEF Debuff), which means he is best suited for PvE.
    • He is still usbale in PvP due to OP base stats and multi target sub skill.
    • His sub skill hits 3 targets and debuff Critical Rate.
    • His ability provide Burn immunity to all allies.

    Gankoomon (Tenacious)

    • Gankoomon can only be gotten from the BP medal shop, hatched from the egg that cost 750 BP medals.
    • He is the only Digimon that has both PWR and TEC resistance buff in his skills, making him versatile vs both PWR and TEC enemies.
    • However, he is not recommended for PvP because he competes with HiAndromon for the same role (Defensive Buffer).

    Phoenixmon (Devoted)

    • Phoenixmon is a Brave/Calm healer with offensive debuffs to boost your Brave and Calm Digimons
    • Phoenixmon does not heal itself
    • Her usage is limited for now because of lack of good Brave/Calm Digimons.
    • She will be better in the future but remember that better healers will be released as well.
    • Read the SYP for more details

    Cherubimon (Devoted)

    • Cherubimon is another Brave/Calm healer support much like Phoenixmon
    • Her main skill boosts Brave/Calm Digimons DEF by 30% and provide them a fixed 1000 HP regen per action.
    • Her sub skill boosts Brave/Calm Digimons PWR/TEC by 30%.
    • Her ability boosts Brave/Calm Digimons Block rate by 30% and provide immunity to Shock, Sleep, Paralysis, Stun, Freeze ONLY for Brave/Calm Digimons.

    Magnamon (Tenacious)

    • Pretty much Dead on Arrival because of Global changes.
    • His only niche is PWR resistance buff but that is easily available to all players via Gankoomon or NoblePumpkinmon.
    • Quite literally a powercrept version of Gankoomon.
    • Read the SYP for more details.

    Titamon (Tenacious)

    • You will only use Titamon if you are using a full Brave Digimons team.
    • His ability protect Brave allies and himself from Sleep, Shock, Stun, Paralysis, Freeze.
    • PWR resistance debuff and Poison is a small bonus.

    Plessiomon (Devoted)

    • The generic all purpose healer. Usable but again it’s hard to carry a healer due to how squishy they are. 
    • They can die before using even a single heal.

    Puppetmon (Deft)

    • Puppetmon deals AoE attacks with chance to inflict Sleep.
    • However, having a ST sub skill hurts his PvP potential.

    Machinedramon (Calm)

    • Debuff PWR to 5 targets and inflict Stun to 2 targets.
    • However, his stats are a letdown and outweigh his usefulness.

    MarineAngemon (Devoted)

    • Revives a dead ally Digimon sounds good but it’s hard to use MarineAngemon since she is one of the squishiest Mega in the game.
    • You need HiAndromon and lot’s of Block Plugins to use her effectively.
    • As the game progresses, newer and stronger Digimons will be released that can easily one shot her.

    C Tier Explanations

    Digimon (Type) Notes
    ShineGreymon (Brave) Somewhat usable in PvP but there are much better options. Better used in PvE.
    WarGreymon (Brave) ST monster. Best used in PvE.
    MetalGarurumon (Calm) ST monster. Best used in PvE.
    PrinceMamemon (Tenacious) Inflict Skill Lock status effect (AoE).
    MetalEtemon (Tenacious) Inflict Paralysis status effect (AoE).
    Rosemon (Calm) Inflict Stun status effect (AoE).
    Vikemon (Tenacious) Inflict Freeze status effect (ST). Trying to be a Tank without Provoke
    MetalSeadramon (Tenacious) Inflict Freeze status effect (ST) and Shock status effect (AoE)
    GranKuwagamon (Tenacious) Provoke Tank. Does nothing else.
    PlatiNumemon (Deft) 30% TEC debuff (ST).
    PlatiNumemon (Tenacious) Passive 20% PWR debuff on all enemies.



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