Digimon ReArise Global: Should You Pull? - Daemon

  • Yes, you should pull for Daemon
  • PvE: A Tier; PvP: S Tier

Should You Pull? - Daemon



Does not require specific Digivolution code

Tier List Placement

HP 6860
TEC 3920
DEF 1613

Top tier stats by Global’s standards. Just put him beside WarGreymon and you will see that they tie in Speed and Daemon outshine WarGreymon in everything else.

Great HP + Best DEF in the game + 2nd highest PWR complements his role as a COunter Tank DPS very well.


  • Immunity to Poison, Burn, Error for Deft allies only.
  • Each time Daemon received damage, his own PWR buff by 15% (max 75%).

Good immunity passive but unfortunately only for Deft allies.

This unique stacking PWR buff STACKS with regular PWR buff from other Digimon such as Lilamon, BlackMetalGreymon etc.

Again the perfect ability for Daemon, read on and you will know why.

Main Skill: 320% 2 Target damage.
55% chance to inflict Burn.
Grant Regen to self. (fixed 500 HP per regen tick)
Sub Skill: Taunt enemy attacks.
Self buff Counter Rate by 70%.

** Skill upgrade only increases damage modifier. 

Time to put together Daemon’s kit. As a Counter Tank DPS, he gets:

  • Taunt - no Tank is truly a Tank without Taunting.
  • Counter - 70% counter rate buff essentially guarantees a counter every time Daemon is damaged. To make it guaranteed, you can use Plugins to boost Counter rate further. Daemon will be attacked for sure because he is Taunting.
  • More counter = more actions = more heals. 500 HP regen will trigger every time Daemon do something including auto attack, counter attack, extra attack, using a skill. More regens will keep him healthy, which is essential for a Tank.
  • Getting damaged more often also triggers his passive which buffs PWR up to an extra of 75% which in turn make his counter attacks and skills hit harder.
  • Immunity to Damage over Time (DoT) to prevent Daemon from killing himself for countering too much.
  • All the above backed by a good spread of Offense and Defense stats.

Can you see the synergy within Daemon’s kit? Absolutely Perfect.

The only thing he lacks is DEF buff which you can easily get from HiAndromon/Mamemon.


PvE: A Tier

PvP: S Tier

Yes, you should pull for Daemon. So much so it makes me feel bad for telling people to pull for MetalGarurumon.

In JP, Daemon is released about 6 months after the game's initial release. I had no idea that Bandai will bring him forward so early into Global version. Bringing him 1 to 2 months early would have given Daemon a good chance to shine but 3 weeks into Global release? This literally turn the Global power curve upside down.

I hate to be honest but if you don’t have Daemon, prepare to suffer in PvP. You would know from the A rank promotion battle that Daemon is not easy to deal with. Now you have to face him in almost every PvP battle. There is not even one Digimon currently available in the game that will help you against Daemon.

Thanks, Bandai/s for giving birth to a monster that will terrorize everyone’s PvP experience.

The reason Daemon is not S tier in PvE because he only has 1 damaging skill and countering takes up time in Raids. Hence, over 5 minutes, your Daemon will be wasting a lot of time for countering animation and reduce your team’s overall DPS.

One last reminder, Daemon is NOT guaranteed in the Step Up summon and he shares the featured rate with Piedmon (somewhat decent) and 3 trolls (Puppetmon, MetalSeadramon, Machinedramon). May RNG be in your favor. Thank you all for reading.

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