Digimon ReArise Global: Should You Pull? - Magnamon

  • Pull for Magnamon if you have a full Tenacious team to support

Should You Pull? - Magnamon


  • Tenacious
  • Require specific Digivolution code

Tier List Placement - Coming Soon

HP 8981
TEC 2520
DEF 1613

It has typical Tenacious Digimon’s stats with good HP and DEF.

2520 PWR is too low to mean much in this game since this game is mainly about DPS.


  • Burn, Poison, Error immunity to Tenacious allies only (3 turns)

Immunity passive is good but too bad it's only limited to Tenacious Digimons.

And unfortunately, good Tenacious Digimon are very limited right now. You probably will not be running a full Tenacious team.

Main Skill 280% 3 Targets damage.
Party buff PWR resistance by 30%
Self buff Counter Rate by 50%
Sub Skill 320% Single Target damage
Self buff PWR by 40%

** Skill upgrade only increases the damage modifier. 

The only meaningful skill effect is 30% PWR resistance. It is a really good effect but every player has NoblePumpkinmon for free that has the same effect. If you don’t, you can also get Gankoomon from the BP medal shop for free.

Essentially, Magnamon has nothing special about him.


PvE: B Tier

PvP: B Tier

Magnamon is a victim of Global changes. In JP, Magnamon is the only source of PWR resistance for quite a few months so he gets to shine a little while whenever his PWR resistance is needed. However, in Global, we have a free NoblePumpkinmon and Gankoomon is available early so Magnamon lost his only niche. Magnamon will be more valuable when better Tenacious support is available but spoiler alert, good Tenacious Digimons are few and far in between.

Should you decide to pull for Magnamon, he will be better used in PvE, especially in the later stages of Underworld where you really need quite a tanky team to survive.

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