Digimon ReArise Global: Should You Pull? - MetalGarurumon

Should You Pull: Metal Garurumon


  • Yes, you should pull for MetalGarurumon
  • PvE: S Tier; PvP: A Tier, later dropping to C Tier
  • MetalGarurumon is the backbone of a TEC Raid team
  • Even after he gets powercrept he will still be used due to the need for more than 1 Raid DPS

Should You Pull? - MetalGarurumon



Requires specific Digivolution code

HP 5720
TEC 3520
DEF 1339

MetalGarurumon's stats are identical to WarGreymon’s stats except the obvious substitution for TEC instead of PWR.

Those are good stats for an offensive Digimon. Highest TEC currently in the game, paired with above average HP/DEF/SPEED as well.


Immunity to Paralysis for all allies.

Good passive when it is applicable, especially against Raid bosses that can inflict Paralysis.

Main Skill: 460% Single Target damage**
60% chance to inflict Freeze
Self buff TEC by 50%
Sub Skill: 320% Single Target damage
Buff Party Critical Rate by 30%

** Skill upgrade only increases damage modifier.

Just like WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon sports 2 ST skills. This automatically makes him a PvE monster while simultaneously limiting his potential in PvP.

Freeze is good when applicable but ALL Raid bosses are innately immune to Disables.

You should ideally be using a 60-80% TEC buffer in your PvE team, but a 50% self TEC buff allows you to use MetalGarurumon in a PWR team if you need to.

The Party Critical Rate buff is good since it boosts the whole team's DPS, even if it’s just by a small amount; any extra DPS is always welcomed because your Raid rewards are based on total DPS done.


PvE: S Tier

PvP: A Tier (for now), eventually C Tier

Yes , you should pull for MetalGarurumon. Much like how WarGreymon is the backbone of a PWR Raid team, MetalGarurumon is the backbone of a TEC Raid team.

Though he will be powercrept eventually, you will use MetalGarurumon for at least 6 months, and even afterwards, he will not be completely benched because you need more than 1 DPS for efficient Raid farming.

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