Digimon ReArise Global: Should You Pull? - Plugin Gacha

  • The answer is Yes and No.
  • There are timings on whether should you pull for Plugins.


  • First thing first, Bronze Plugins are not worth upgrading and using. Their stats are poor and you will only be wasting your Bits and upgrade materials.
  • Since Silver Plugins can be obtained for free, there is no reason to use Bronze Plugins unless you really have no better options.
  • Sometimes, Gold or Target Plugins can be obtained for free from Story Chapters and UnderWorld but those are in limited numbers. 
  • To get more Plugins (at least Silver), you will need to gacha. Either F2P gacha using social/friend points, or Rare gacha using DigiRubies.
  • The social point gacha cost 200 points for a 10+1 and it gives you Bronze Plugins with 5% chance of Silver Plugins. You can never pull Gold Plugins from social point gacha.
  • The rare gacha cost 100 DigiRubies for a 10+1 and it gives you Silver Plugins with 5% chance of Gold Plugins. The +1 is guaranteed to be Gold Plugin. You can never pull Bronze Plugins from rare gacha.

SYP Social Plugin Gacha

The answer is Yes and No. 

  • If you are a beginner, NEVER use social points for Plugin Gacha. Instead, you should use the points for stamina refill.
    • Reason being, as a beginner, you are likely still trying to farm DGV codes and other materials to try to make a full team of Megas and level them up to LV99. Hence, every point of stamina counts. No point having a bunch of Plugins but no good Digimon to use them for.
  • Once you have your team of Megas, you will be starting to climb PvP. That's when you should consider gacha with Social points.
    • Reason being, any Plugin upgrades, especially Silvers are significant in boosting your team power and therefore important for climbing PvP.
    • Keep in mind that getting a good Silver Plugin is a nightmare. You only have 5 % chance for a Silver Plugin and Plugins need to be randomised multiple times for Personality, Single or Double stats and Desirable stats.
  • Once you reach A or S rank PvP, do not use social points for Plugin Gacha anymore.
    • At this stage, you will start to see enemies fully decked out with Gold Plugins and you cannot compete with Silver Plugins anymore. Why waste the points to try to pull a decent Plugin just for it to be useless?
    • You should then go back to using Social Points for stamina refill. At this point, your Max Stamina would have grown larger and each refill is more valuable for grinding.

SYP Rare Plugin Gacha

Again, the answer is Yes and No.

  • You should NEVER spend DigiRubies for Plugin gacha until you are done pulling for Mega Digimons.
    • Simple, no point having a bunch of top tier Plugins and no good Megas to equip them.
    • You could argue that having top tier Plugins help boost weaker Digimons to be more viable. That is only true in lower rank PvP.
    • In higher rank PvP, your enemies are all well equipped already, so you should assume your enemies have similar Plugins status as you.
    • Hence, your 'Plugin Advantage' is even out and what's left is whether your Digimon's base kit is good enough.
  • Once you have a good team of Megas, that's when you should spend some DigiRubies for Gold Plugins.
    • A good indicator is when you reach at least A rank in PvP and starts to get stuck and win less.
    • At this point, every Gold Plugin you have is a slight boost to your winrate. It will not guarantee you to win a PvP fight, but it will at least bring your team up to par and you can PvP on even grounds.
  • Moreover, Plugins are power creep proof (for now). You can always pull a new Megas in the future and transfer your best Plugins to that new and better Megas from your current Megas.

In Near Future

  • Silver Plugins will be added into the CB medal shop. These Silver Plugins all have double stats and they rotate based on personality.
    • For example:
    • For 1 week the shop will be selling 5 Brave PWR+SPD and 5 Brave DEF+HP plugins.
    • Then, the next week they will replace with 5 Calm TEC+SPD and 5 Calm DEF+HP and so on with other personalities
  • Always check what stats they provide and buy them all if you must. It saves you from the pain of RNG to roll a perfect Plugin and also you can save more social points for more stamina refill.
  • Also in the near future, similar to how currently, the CB medal shop sells Target Plugins for certain Ultimate Digimons. They will rotate and start selling Target Plugins for other Ultimate Digimons.
    • You can always buy these Target Plugins and use them on the specific Ultimate Digimon when you need them.
    • When you don't use that Ultimate Digimon, treat them like any other Silver Plugin.

In the Far Future

Very far into the future, we are talking about 8 months into the future (unless Bandai pull another 'Daemon' shenanigans and bring this early to Global). There will be newer and better Plugins introduced to the game.

1. Rainbow Plugin

  • A new tier of Plugin will be introduced and they provide better stats than Gold Plugins. They are exclusive to the Rare gacha as well. These rainbow plugins don't pose much power shift, they are about 25% better than gold plugins.
    • For example:
    • Gold PWR Plugin gives 304 PWR 
    • Rainbow PWR Plugin gives 404 PWR
  • The real deal comes next...........

2. Target Plugins for Megas Digimon

  • They will be released in batches starting with some older Megas.
  • They will be sold in CB medal shop or in BP medal shop (F2P Friendly).
  • Older and weaker Megas gets stronger Target Plugin and vice versa. They provide a huge power boost to the specific Mega.
  • Every Megas will want their own Target Plugin, no questions asked.
    • For example:
    • Minervamon gets a TEC+700 Plugin
    • Sakuyamon gets a TEC+900 Plugin
    • Gaiomon (hint hint 'the next meta') gets a TEC+600 Plugin.
    • Some get shafted though, Slayerdramon (already a trash tier Mega) gets a TEC+404 Plugin
  • They all comes with 2nd stats, I just choose not to mention them because too much information overload.
  • When that happens, all your Gold Plugins will slowly be rotated around and used on Megas that have yet to receive their Target Plugin. Eventually, they will be useless because there is no one to use them on anymore. 
  • Currently in JP, they are even more Plugins variant that is already released but let's talk about them when they actually comes.


JP ReArise veteran.