Digimon ReArise Global: Should You Pull? - ShineGreymon

  • No, you should not pull for ShineGreymon unless he is your favourite Digimon
  • PvE: A Tier; PvP: C Tier

Should You Pull? - ShineGreymon



Require specific Digivolution code


Tier List Placement

HP 5720
PWR 3520
DEF 1339

Stats are identical to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.

That means these stats reach the gold standard for an offensive Digimon. Overall good stats.


  • Immunity to Poison for all allies.

Poison are not very common among raid bosses.

It can come in handy vs Minervamon, VenomMyotismon and Titamon in PvP.

Main Skill 460% Single Target damage.
60% chance to inflict Burn.
Self buff Critical rate by 50%.
Sub Skill 160% 4 Targets damage.
Party buff Counter Rate by 20%.

** Skill upgrade only increases damage modifier. 

These skills are ShineGreymon’s weakest point.

A single target main skill is valuable for Raids but limits ShineGreymon’s potential in PVP. On the flip side, 4 targets sub skill is decent for PvP but useless for Raids.

ShineGreymon can still output decent DPS for raids due to the Critical rate buff. With a dedicated PWR buffer, ShineGreymon can serve you well as a 2nd DPS.

The effect of 20% Counter rate buff is almost not noticeable.


PvE: A Tier

PvP: C Tier

ShineGreymon is not worth pulling unless he is your favourite.

ShineGreymon tries to balance between PvE and PvP but fails and is ultimately only mediocre at both.

You should find a better use for ShineGreymon in PvE when supported by a dedicated PWR buffer such as Lilamon and BlackMetalGreymon.

However he does have a saving grace in PvP. Since Daemon is dominating the PvP right now, having a strong single target skill can come in handy to nuke Daemon once Daemon used his Provoke skill. Hopefully it kills him before he does too much to your team.

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