Digimon ReArise Global Tier List - Ultimates & Non-Megas

  • This Tier List is for Ultimate Digimon, as well as other non-Mega Digimon
  • Most Digimon mentioned are Ultimates but some Rookies and Armor Digivolved Digimon will be mentioned as well

Tier List

S Tier

Some of the best Non-Megas in the game.
Even in the current JP version, they are still being used because they serve a very specific and mandatory purpose.

A Tier

The Digimon in A tier are very powerful Ultimates. As of now, they are better than some of the Megas.
However, they are A tier because they will eventually be replaced by Megas that do their jobs better.

B Tier

B tier Ultimates are decent Digimon that you will find use in certain circumstances. Most of them are decent DPS Digimon that are boosted by their Target Plugins. Some of them fill a very specific niche such as healing or status effect immunity. You will use them when you need to but they are not necessary and will be power crept very soon.

Everything Else

Unfortunately, anything else not mentioned here simply isn't worth the bits/materials to train and digivolve them. They are better sold away to collect DigiOrbs.

S Tier Explanations

Wisemon (Calm)

  • Dedicated TEC buffer. At base, he buffs TEC by 60% for the whole team. At Skill Level 10, he buffs TEC by 80%.
  • If you are using offensive TEC Digimon such as Ravemon or Minervamon, Wisemon will boost their power tremendously.
  • Wisemon himself does decent damage and has quite good overall stats across the board.

WaruSeadramon (Deft)

  • Dedicated TEC buffer. Same deal as Wisemon.
  • However, his ability provides Freeze resistance to Deft type allies.
  • So when you are fighting a boss that inflicts Freeze, WaruSeadramon will be a better option than Wisemon.

Lilamon (Deft)

  • Dedicated PWR buffer. At base, she buffs PWR by 60% for the whole team. At Skill Level 10, she buffs PWR by 80%.
  • She is the perfect teammates for PWR DPS such as WarGreymon, AeroVeedramon, Boltmon, etc.
  • Her ability provides Skill Seal immunity to Deft type allies so that will come in handy when it's needed.

MetalGreymon (virus) (Brave)

  • Dedicated PWR buffer. Same deal as Lilamon.
  • In almost all situations, Lilamon is better. You will likely only use MetalGreymon (virus) as a buffer if you don’t have Lilamon or if your MetalGreymon (virus) has higher Skill Level.
  • Remember that his buff effect scales with Skill Level.
  • The other time to use him over Lilamon is when you want to run a full Brave team.
  • Example: Titamon's ability provides status effect protection to Brave allies so you will use MetalGreymon (virus) because he will be protected by Titamon’s ability and Lilamon won't.

Mamemon (Tenacious)

  • Dedicated DEF buffer. At base, he buffs DEF by 60% for the whole team. At Skill Level 10, he buffs DEF by 80%.
  • He serves the same function as HiAndromon (DEF buffer).
  • HiAndromon is better in most situations due to being a Mega with better overall stats and skills.
  • However, Mamemon, being an Ultimate, is easier to obtain dupes for and hence it's easier to increase its Skill Level.

Upcoming S Tier Ultimates/Non-Megas


A Tier Explanations

AeroVeedramon (Brave)

  • Will carry your whole team until he gets powercept by Megas.
  • If you didn’t pull for the new Megas, you will continue to use AeroVeedramon.
  • This is because of his Sub Skill which debuffs your enemy DEF by 40%. In a game where rewards are scaled based on total DPS done, a DEF debuff is mandatory to boost your team’s DPS.
  • He is no slouch when it comes to DPS either, as he has 2 Single Target skills and they hit much harder than Multi Target skills.
  • He can be splashed into a TEC team as well despite being a PWR Digimon. He has the ability to self buff his own PWR by 40% and TEC teams have no 40% DEF debuffer for now, so they can benefit from AeroVeedramon as well.

Future Replacements:

  • MirageGaogamon
  • UlforceVeedramon

SuperStarmon (Tenacious)

  • SuperStarmon is the only non-Mega tank available even in JP. His stats are good and he has a Taunt ability.
  • He even receives a Target Plugin that further boosts his tanking ability, and thanks to the Target Plugin his defensive stats are on par or even better than those of Mega tanks
  • His main flaw is that the game is easy enough for now that you don’t need a tank. And in the future, tanks are hard to use because they only tank ST skills. Most bosses have powerful AoE skills that will still hurt your team despite using a tank.
  • Regardless, when you encounter a boss with ST skills such as WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, bringing a tank can be very valuable.

Future Replacements:

  • GranKuwagamon
  • Daemon

Groundramon (Deft)

  • A good secondary DPS with access to Poison, especially when boosted by PWR buffs.
  • His ability to boost his own Critical chance by 40% lets him crit quite often and provides good overall damage.
  • However, damage is all he does and when you pull better DPS Digimon, he will soon be benched.

Future Replacements:

  • ShineGreymon
  • MirageGaogamon
  • Any good PWR DPS

LadyDevimon (Deft)

  • Unusually high base stats for an Ultimate Digimon, with AoE skills and an AoE status effect (Darkness). Good for PvP.
  • She is held back by the fact that WarGreymon provides Darkness Immunity to the whole team, rendering LadyDevimon kinda useless. But her use will resurge after WarGreymon slowly phases out of PvP.
  • Eventually status effect meta will die out and LadyDevimon will be benched once more.

Future Replacements:

  • Anyone when Status meta dies out

Upcoming A Tier Ultimates/Non-Megas

  • WarGrowlmon (Event)
  • Terriermon (Event)
  • Lopmon (Event)

B Tier Explanations

MagnaAngemon (Devoted)

  • The best Non-Mega healer
  • Quick CD + 2 target 80% HP heals
  • Occasionally disables your opponents with Skill Seal
  • The problem with healers in general that, at the moment, they are dead weight. They have poor stats and get easily KOed by AoE attacks before even doing anything.
  • In the future, healers come loaded with a bunch of extra effects and bonkers abilities, and that's when healers start to be more useful in general.

Future Replacements:

  • MagnaDramon
  • Raguelmon
  • Phoenixmon

Myotismon (Deft)

  • He functions just like LadyDevimon: primarily spam a status effect (Stun) to disable your opponents.
  • But he has worse base stats overall compared to LadyDevimon, so he misses A Tier

Future Replacements:

  • Pretty much anyone when Status meta dies out

Garudamon (Deft)

  • He is only mentioned because he currently has a Target Plugin available.
  • The Target Plugin boosts Garudamon’s PWR to respectable level. Coupled with AoE skills that Burn, it turns him into a decent PvP Digimon.

Future Replacements:

  • Any good AoE PvP Mega

Pandamon (Calm)

  • He is only mentioned because he currently has a Target Plugin available.
  • His Target Plugin gives a ton of speed to Pandamon. Even in JP, with both Target Plugins equipped, Pandamon has the highest speed in the whole game.
  • Speed helps you to go first in PvP. And there will come a Speed meta with UlforceVeedramon’s release, where if you goes first, you almost win the PvP fight instantly.

Future Replacements:

  • Anyone when Speed meta dies out

Pumpkinmon (Brave)


Good enough for PvP because:

  • Inflict AoE stun
  • Farmable skill upgrade, up to Level 10
  • Target plugins to boost stats

Upcoming B Tier Ultimates/Non-Megas

  • Shakkoumon (Gacha)
  • Silphymon (Gacha)
  • BurningGreymon (Event)
  • Flamedramon (Event)


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