Digimon ReArise: How to Build a Good Raid Team

  • The fundamentals of making a raid team to fight WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon!

A Good Raid Team typically consists of five main roles:

Main Roles
Offensive Buffer PWR or TEC Buffer Irreplaceable role in the team, a 60% offensive stats buff is just too strong to pass, even better if you skill level them up for higher buff values. At Skill Level 10, they provide 80 PWR or TEC buff
Defensive Buffer Absolutely mandatory Debuffing the Raid boss’s DEF by 40% skyrockets your DPS. Even a Multi target DPS can do good damage when boosted and single target DPS damage just goes through the roof. All players are given a free Veemon with 40% DEF debuff, but if you somehow don’t have one, try to use at least a 30% DEF debuffer
DPS x2 2 DPS that match your offensive buff Use PWR DPS if you use PWR buffer and vice versa.
Support x1 The last Digimon that ties up holes in your team. Can be anything depending your team composition. A healer or a status immunity digimon or even a 3rd DPS can be used if you have no good support option.

Sub Roles are additional roles that turn a good team into an excellent team.

Digimon that cover both main role and sub role are valuable for slot efficiency.

For example, WarGreymon main role is a DPS and sub role is debuff PWR. Titamon main role is a Support and the sub role is debuff PWR resistance and damage over time.

Sub Roles
Resistance Debuff Debuff PWR or TEC resistance on your enemy to further boost your team DPS
Defensive Debuffer Debuff your opponent’s PWR or TEC, increasing your team’s survivability
Damage Over Time Deals chip damage to increase total damage done. Generally only make a small difference.
Defensive Buffer Buffing your team’s DEF with HiAndromon and Mamemon is not recommended unless your team dies too quickly in a raid. Generally, it is preferable to go glass cannon and deal as much damage as possible.
Tank Tank hits from enemy boss and allow your DPS to survive longer
Healer Also meant to increase team’s survivability. Prolonging your DPS lifespan = more total damage done

Check out our tier list here to see which Digimon are good for PvE/Raids.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always remember that you are grinding raids, not trying to solo a Level 10 Raid Boss for bragging rights.
  • Quantity > Quality. Defeat more raids, even at lower levels are better than spending a long time to defeat 1 high-level raid.
  • Build a good team so that you can start auto-battle and grind your raids.
  • Try to continue to grind raids even after you obtain the required DGV codes to Digivolve your mega. 
  • Keep a healthy stock of CB medals (2000-3000) because more awesome items will be added to the CB shop in the future.


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