Digimon ReArise Plugins Guide

Digimon ReArise Plugins Guide
  • Find out the difference between the plugins available in Digimon ReArise

What is a Plugin?

Plugins are equipment for your Digimon. Each Digimon can equip up to 6 Plugins. 2 of each for Offense/Defense/Special.

The 6th slot or 2nd slot for Special Plugin is only unlocked when your Digimon Bond reaches 99.

There are 2 types of Plugin, the regular Plugins and Target Plugins.

  • Regular Plugins are further divided into Bronze/Silver/Gold rarity with varying strength depending on rarity.
  • Target Plugins are Plugins that provide bonus stats to a specific Digimon (as shown on the Plugin icon itself). They can be used on other Digimons but it will provide stats exactly like a regular Silver Plugin.

Every Plugin is only equippable to a specific personality.

Every Plugin can be upgraded to 5 stars for more stats.


A Brave Silver regular Plugin (PWR+196 and SPD+12) can only be equipped on a Brave Digimon providing the mentioned stats

Every Plugin can have 2 different stats. Some Plugins only have 1 stat so obviously plugins with 2 stats are more valuable.

If you roll for Plugins in gacha (both rare and social gacha), the chance to obtain 1 or 2 stats and which stats are completely random.

Some examples of gacha Plugins:

  • PWR + SPD
  • TEC + SPD
  • PWR + Crit rate
  • DEF + HP

The Plugins cannot have the same stats, such as PWR + PWR.

Regular Plugins

Bronze and Silver plugins can be obtained for free (from the shop or social point gacha). Gold Plugins can only be gotten from the rare gacha. 

Generally, the best all-purpose Plugins are:

  • PWR/TEC+Crit rate
  • DEF+HP

Sometimes, depending on the Digimon, you might want something else. For example:

PWR+Counter rate is pretty good for Daemon to maximize his Counter chance

Table 1
Stats Bronze Silver Gold
PWR 100 196 304
TEC 100 196 304
DEF 64 111 158
SPD 10 12 14
Crit rate 18% 24% 30%
Counter rate 18% 24% 30%
Pinpoint rate 18% 24% 30%
Extra attack rate 18% 24% 30%

Special Plugins

Table 2
Stats Bronze Silver Gold
Crit rate 18% 24% 30%
Counter rate 18% 24% 30%
Pinpoint rate 18% 24% 30%
Extra attack rate 18% 24% 30%
Status resistance(any) 18% 24% 30%

ONLY GOLD special plugin can have 2 stats, the only way to obtain them is from rare gacha. When you pull a gold special plugin, the 2nd stat is fixed based on the personality:

Table 3
Personality Stat
Brave PWR + 196
Calm TEC + 196
Deft SPEED + 12
Tenacious DEF + 111
Devoted HP + 750


If you pull a Gold special plugin, the first stat can be anything from Table 2, the second stat is fixed based on Table 3.

A Brave Special Plugin will have Stun Resistance+30% and PWR+196.

Bronze and Silver special plugins will always only have 1 stat, randomized from Table 2.

Target Plugins

Target Plugins can be used on any Digimon of matching personality but on specific Digimon, it will have bonus stats.


A Brave RizeGreymon Target Plugin will provide PWR+196 and Counter+15% on any Brave Digimon. 

However, when equipped on RizeGreymon, it will provide PWR+503 and Counter+25% instead. 

Digimon is specific even across Digivolution line and personality.

Example 2

The MachGaogamon Plugin only provides boosted stats to the MachGaogamon (Deft) that can only Digivolve to Ultimate.

It WILL NOT provide bonus stats to a MachGaogamon (Calm).

It WILL NOT provide bonus stats to a MachGaogamon that can Digivolve into MirageGaogamon.


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