Digimon ReArise PvP Guide

  • How to get the most out of the Digimon ReArise PvP system
  • The best use of BP coins and what rewards to aim for

How Does Digimon ReArise PvP Work?

  • PvP battles consume Battle Park Orbs as energy. You get 1 orb every 30 minutes, the max you can hold is 5 orbs. Each refresh gives you 5 orbs and costs 5 rubies.
  • It’s a 5v5 manual Digimon battle. You fight AI opponents of the other player’s team. You still cannot control your Digimon’s auto-attacks. There are no ultimate abilites in PvP. You control your Digimon the same way you do in the other game modes by queuing skills.
  • Which team goes first is decided by the team’s total speed. You add up SPEED from all 5 of your Digimons and the faster team goes first.
  • You can set up 5 teams as a template. Your main team (the team showing on the PvP page) will be your offense/defense team.
  • The reward is based on ranking. There are 2 types of rank. One is Tamer Rank, another is Place ranking.

Tamer Rank is divided into S rank > A rank > B rank and so on until I rank.

Place ranking is typical. Top 1, Top 2, Top 3 until Top 10, then Top 11-50, Top 51-100and so on until 22501 and below.

The rewards for each ranking can be viewed in-game.

PvP Rewards

Now let’s get to the juicy part!

  • Each PvP season lasts 1 week
  • At the end of each season, you will receive 2 sets of rewards, from both Tamer Rank and Place ranking

For example:

  • You get to Tamer Rank A and placed in the 2001 - 3500 bracket.
  • You will receive 45 + 300 rubies and 15 + 60 BP medals.
  • After each season, your Place ranking will reset, everyone will start from 0 again. However, your Tamer Rank DOES NOT RESET.

In other words, using the same example, you finish a season at Tamer Rank A, you can continue to climb towards Tamer Rank S. You don’t have to start from Tamer Rank I
And once you hit S rank, you will stay as S rank forever and receive a minimum reward of 50 rubies + 20 BP coin every week.

As long as you play at least 1 PvP battle every week, you will receive the Tamer Rank reward.

  • There is also a 1 time DigiEgg reward when you reach S rank for the first time. It is a Guaranteed Mega egg that hatches into MegaGargomon (Calm). For more details, click here.
  • Moreover, you DO NOT lose points when you lose a battle or when some other players defeat your team while you are away. You just keep grinding until you reach the points you need to be in a certain rank.
  • This encourages team experimentation. Don’t be afraid to switch things up if you are in a losing streak.
  • The max point you can get for PvP is 9999 points. Hence the Top Ranking is usually determined by the first player that reaches 9999 points. That takes lots of rubies refresh and is generally not worth it.
  • In addition, every day, you will get some extra BP coin (about 11 coins)  for the first 5 PvP battle that you do.

BP Coin

What can you buy from BP coin shop?

  • As of now, the shop only sells DigiEggs. The 100 BP medals eggs are not worth it because they only have a 10% chance to get a Mega. Most of the time, you will hatch worthless Ultimates.
    • There is 1 DigiEgg that costs 750 medals. This one is guaranteed to hatch into a Mega. Gankoomon (Tenacious). For more details about Gankoomon, click here.
  • All the eggs reset every month, so don’t worry if you cannot get Gankoomon this month. You can get him next month.
  • After you buy 1 Gankoomon egg or you don’t, SAVE every BP medal that you have. In the future, the BP shop will be loaded with Target Plugins for Ultimate Digimons. Some of them are worth buying, some are not.

However, even further into the future, the BP shop will sell Target Plugins for MEGA Digimons. These are almost must buy, the boosted stats they provide can even bring a power crept Mega back to top tier.

Not only that, some newly released Mega will have their Target Plugin sold under BP shop so if you want to maximize those Megas, you will need to buy the Target Plugin.

Each Target plugin cost 250 BP medals and each Mega has 4 Target Plugins. A total of 1000 BP medals per Mega. 

Climbing the PvP Rankings

  • As mentioned above, your Tamer Rank does not reset or drop. There is not much to say about climbing Tamer Rank. Just keep playing and eventually, you will reach S rank.
  • As for Place ranking, which resets every week, prepare yourselves for another grindfest.

The same placing bracket is used for Digimon ReArise JP version. The amount of players obviously differs from JP. In the JP version, you are only competing among players from Japan and maybe a small amount of non-Japan players. However, the global player base will be much larger due to it being players from all over the world.


Let's put JP ReArise at 50k active players and Global ReArise at 300k active players. Getting top 3000 is JP is definitely easier than getting top 3000 in Global.

Although you don’t lose points when losing a PvP battle, you still need to keep grinding until you hit a Placing that you are satisfied with.

Beware of players ‘last-minute refresh’ at the end of the week, which will put your placing much below what you expected when you opened up the game the next day to claim your reward.


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