Dokkan Battle Thank-You Campaign Tier List Released

thank you ticket exchange tier list
  • Dokkan Battle is holding a massive Thank-You Campaign
  • A Tier List has been created for the event limited exchange ticket cards.

Dokkan's Thank-You Campaign

Dokkan Battle has been holding a Thank-You Celebration campaign that started Monday (11/11) and will run until Sunday (12/8).

Dokkan Thank-You Campaign banner

source: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle in-game news

Among the many events and rewards being released courtesy of DBZ Dokkan Battle’s Dokkan Thank-You Celebration campaign, Dokkan is handing out a single “Dokkan Thank-You Celebration Gift Card 2” Treasure Ticket as part of a Login. This Ticket can be used in Baba’s Exchange Shop to receive one of seventy-seven Card options completely free.

Since that’s way too many to choose from, a limited event Tier List was published so that players could more easily decide which Card to spend their single Ticket on. 

This Tier List is sorted by Card Type and gives Team Build recommendations for the overall best Cards of each Type. There are also Card recommendations based on the fact that they will receive Extreme Z-Awakenings in the future, even if those Extreme Z-Awakenings haven’t reached the global version of Dokkan Battle quite yet. 

In addition to the Thank-You Celebration Ticket, Special Missions will be available and Porunga will be joining Shenron in handing out Dragon Ball rewards Pilaf’s Trove is also selling several different Dokkan Thank-You packs and renewing the Beginner’s Pack. The in-game shop is also having a massive sale on Dragon Stones.

Several Story Events have also been added or updated with new stages, including:

  • Miracle Sword of Light

  • Eternal God, Distorter of Worlds

  • Vegeta’s Demise?! The Secret of Planet Potaufeu

  • Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash

  • Protector of Future Peace

  • Super Strike Event

  • AGL Hidden Potential Event

  • Dokkan Event Boss Rush

  • Extreme Z-Battles

  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

  • Fight Against Despair

  • Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks Saga

  • Super Battle Road

Several Summon Events have also been added:

  • Dual Dokkan Festival

  • Future Saga Category Summon

  • Mysterious Ritual

Needless to say, this Dokkan Thank-You campaign is massive with a lot to offer Free to Play and Pay to Play users.


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