Gabriel's Covenant I

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Inflicts the "Locked Sigil" debuff on the user at the start of quests for 300 seconds, and grants the user a unique force strike with two increasingly powerful charge levels. Movement is possible while charging, but the user will move more slowly. Once their force strike is fully charged, it will deal extra damage to frostbitten foes and reduce Locked Sigil's remaining time by 9 seconds if it connects. The Locked Sigil debuff cannot be removed by shapeshifting or incapacitation. When the Locked Sigil effect wears off, the user will be granted the "Sigil Released" effect instead, allowing the user to perform special attacks that restore 5% of the damage inflicted as HP to the user and have a 40% chance to increase the user's energy level by one stage. This special attack is activated by tapping the screen at the end of a standard attack combo. This recovery caps at 7% of their maximum HP. By tapping the screen again during one of these attacks, the user can immediately perform another.


Adventurers - Ability 1