Heavenly Wings II

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Grants the user a unique shapeshift in which the user unleashes their "heavenly wings" and replaces the dragon gauge with a unique shapeshift gauge. Tapping the gauge after it has filled to a certain threshold will allow the user to shapeshift, and when shapeshifting, the user will unleash their heavenly wings to transform into their unique form regardless of what dragon they are equipped with. By tapping the gauge a second time or after the gauge has been consumed, the user will return to their original form. While shapeshifted, the user's standard attacks will fill their unique shapeshift gauge. Also, grants the user a skill reservoir with three levels. This skill reservoir is filled when using standard attacks, when force strikes connect with enemies, or by other conditions that fill skill gauges. In addition, at the start of quests, grants the user the "Coordination Protocol" effect. If the user continues to charge their force strike, the effect granted to them will change every 1.5 seconds. The effect will cycle between the "Coordination Protocol" and "Concentration Protocol" effects. Using the user's first or second skills, including their skills while shapeshifted, will grant them a defense amp with a maximum team amp level of three. After this amp is granted, this ability will not grant it again for 20 seconds.


Adventurers - Ability 1 Upgrade