Stalwart Warrior II

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When shapeshifting, the user will transform into Thor regardless of what dragon they are equipped with. Grants the user a unique force strike that draws enemies toward the user. In addition, grants the user immunity to knockback for the duration of quests, permanently energizes the user, and, when the user takes damage, grants them the "Defiant Spirit" effect for 20 seconds. Curse of Nihility and afflictions will not reset the user's energy level, nor will using skills. During Defiant Spirit, damage dealt by the user's standard attacks and their area of effect are increased. After Defiant Spirit is granted, this ability will not grant it again for five seconds. Also, restores 30% of damage taken during skills or attacks as HP. This effect also activates while charging skills or attacks and during the transformation sequence when shapeshifting.


Adventurers - Ability 1 Upgrade