Uranus's Blessing I

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Grants the user a strength amp with a maximum team amp level of one when the user inflicts an enemy with an affliction. After this amp is granted, this ability will not grant it again for eight seconds. Also, grants the user a dragondrive gauge and changes the shapeshift button into a dragondrive button. Tapping this button activates their dragondrive. The user's force strikes will fill their dragondrive gauge if they connect. Dragondrive grants the following effects: ・The user's standard attacks are changed and fill the user's dragondrive gauge if they connect. ・The user's force strikes are changed and deal damage to multiple targets and enemies near those targets. They will also apply the "Victim of Science" effect to enemies hit. ・The user's strength is increased by 30%. ・The user's HP is restored when they are hit by an attack that inflicts an affliction. After activating, this effect will not activate again for 10 seconds.


Adventurers - Ability 1