(Wind) Plague of Weakness I

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If the user is attuned to Wind: increases the chances of inflicting any afflictions by 50%, the duration of poison and stormlash inflicted on enemies by 20%, damage to poisoned enemies by 10%, and damage to stormlashed enemies by 10%. Also, regardless of their attunement, lowers the user's affliction resistance by 150%, but activates the following effects every 3.5 seconds while they have the "Blood Moon" effect: ・The user is granted a stack of the "Moonlit Rage" effect. ・Damage is dealt to surrounding enemies, and 10% of the damage inflicted is restored as HP to the entire team. This recovery caps at 10% of each adventurer's maximum HP. The effect of the Dragon's Fierce Rule ability will not apply to this damage. When the user's shapeshift is undone, they will be inflicted with poison for 12 seconds, their dragon skill's "Skill Shift" will be reset, and the Blood Moon effect and all stacks of Moonlit Rage will be lost.


Dragon - Ability 2

Dragon - Ability 2 Upgrade