Can't access the game (japanese error message)

Hello all,

So, about a few days ago i got this error message when i launched the game. When i clicked on it, it redirected me to my linked Nintendo account, which wasn't logged in anymore. After some trial and error because of the 2-step verification process (i'm never using that again) i logged back in.

I thought my issue would be fixed but nope, i still got this error message and couldn't access the game. I think i recognized the kanji for "country" so i made sure to change my profile and language to english/the US (i live in Europe) but the problem persists.

I've contacted the Dragalia Lost support team (on the website) and they said they would look into it but i haven't had any news yet.

Did anyone else get this error message? Would someone be able to translate what it says so that i can have a better idea about what went wrong?

Ps : My phone isn't rooted btw, and i haven't played DL on an emulator either.

Asked by Faerore3 years 8 months ago


by 3DEric 3 years 8 months ago

First of all... ¿Can you change the language ?

If you can't i'm not sure what's your exact issue

Btw, maybe you got a false-positive, or even your device can got a safetynet error.

I can't be sure with that screen shot. Try to use any safetyNet helper to see it (check on google play somethin like "safetynet check").

No, i don't have access to anything (game wise) so i can't change the language.

I get this error message as soon as i start the game, and when i click on it i get redirected to my Nintendo account on the Nintendo website.

I ran the safety check test on android just in case and everything is fine. No issue there as expected, since my phone isn't rooted.

I really have no clue what the problem is... Thanks for trying to help though.

I may be... a bit too late on this (I'm not even sure if you're still on this account), but I'm pretty sure the problem is that your phone/app store may be set to a country that either doesn't support the game or has banned gacha games (Netherlands, Belgium). So that may be the problem: Either the app store/phone you're on is in a non-supported country or one that banned gachas.

I might be wrong, you live elsewhere in Europe and probably have already moved on from the game and I have no idea what happened to your game.