Crafting Void Weapons

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Article by aBoxofTim

A New Route

The advent of Void Battles completely branches off the typical linear grind for 5★ elemental weapons. Instead of farming a vast assortment of materials, Void Weapons are created almost entirely from materials obtained within the new Event Quests. Furthermore, these weapons are equipped with Abilities targeted for various types of content, including High Midgardsormr. The purpose of this guide will be to outline the steps to progress through Void Battles and craft a 5★ elemental Flame weapon.

Pros of Void Weapons

  • Significantly lower crafting costs. Making void weapons is cheaper both in terms of rupees and materials:

Standard Elemental 5★ Void Elemental 5★
  • (1125) Tier 2 Materials
  • (475) Tier 3 Materials
  • (155) Crimson Cores
  • (225) Weapon Tablets
  • (7) Twinkling Sands
  • (200) Tier 2 Insignias
  • (2,275,000) Rupies
  • (125) Tier 1 Materials
  • (100) Tier 2 Materials
  • (20) Tier 3 Materials
  • (75) Great Feathers
  • (2) Zephyr Runes
  • (8) Inferno Orbs
  • (750,000) Rupies
  • Void Crafting is the only way to get Dull Res, which is necessary for further material farming.

  • They have two passive Abilities.

  • High Midgardsormr Res provides a shorter route to the boss battle.

Cons of Void Weapons

  • Their stats are weaker than standard 5★ counterparts. For instance, Skyrender’s passive grants superior damage within High Midgardsormr Trials, while Heaven’s Acuity maintains high power in any quest. Still, given the strength of its wielder (in this case Mikoto), Heaven’s Acuity is a bit overkill for non-endgame content, so not much is lost by crafting the Void version.

  • They have no active Skill, leading to less damage and fewer iframes.

  • Farming only within Void Battles is circular and forces a choice between those and Imperial Onslaughts, which still need to be farmed some for basic materials such as Granite and Meteorites.

  • Currently 5★ crafting trees only include Flame, Water and Light.

A Dull Grind

  • Step 1 Farm Golem, Shroom and Manticore
  • Step 2 Craft Dull Res Flame Weapon
  • Step 3 Farm Void Zephyr
  • Step 4 Craft 5★ Weapon

Flame Weapons with Dull Res

When inspecting the desired 5★ weapon’s tree, Great Feathers and Zephyr Runes stand out as brand-new materials sourced from Void Zephyr Strike. However, a Dull Res weapon is needed to start down the path towards directly farming the battle. For melee Adventurers, this is not a suggestion so much as a strict requirement that will be elaborated further below. Those with a team of strong ranged Flame Adventurers may choose to skip this step, though Dragon Delay Res will help close out fights more quickly.

Crafting Tree

The process for progressing through tiers is the same as all weapons:

Crafting Dull Res Weapons

  • Craft five Tier 1 (base form) weapons - Be sure to check “Automatically Unbind”

  • Raise the Max Unbound Tier 1 weapon to max level

  • Enhance to Tier 2 (Dull Res / Elemental)

  • Repeat this process four more times for a total of five copies of the Tier 2 Weapon.

  • Max Unbind one of the weapons using the other four, then raise it to max level

  • Enhance to Tier 3 (4★)

Steel Slabs and Golem Cores are obtained by clearing Steel Golem Strike, who inflicts Dull. Don’t worry, as a Water Dull Res weapon is far from required for this fight because of the Steel Golem’s crippling weakness to Freeze. If spread out, the team’s Freeze casts will prevent any opposition until the boss is Broken, after which Dragon transformations will clean up the fight.

Material Costs

The total cost to craft a Dull Res 4 Flame weapon (0 UB):

  • (75) Tier 1 Crafting Materials (Iron Ore, Fiend’s Claw, Bat’s Wing)

  • (60) Tier 2 Crafting Materials (Granite, Fiend’s Horn, Ancient Bird’s Feather)

  • (13) Tier 3 Crafting Materials (Meteorite, Fiend’s Eye, Bewitching Wings)

  • (40) Steel Slabs

  • (1) Golem Core

  • (10) Blaze Orb

  • (2) Inferno Orb

  • (240,000) Rupies

Void Zephyr

Void Zephyr

With a completed Dull Res weapon in hand, it’s time to attempt Void Zephyr. All of his attacks inflict the Dull and Dragon Delay afflictions, reducing damage output by around 90% and making Dull Res a necessity. Ranged Adventurers have some leeway, but Melee adventurers will find dodging Void Zephyr’s basic attacks nigh-impossible. Once the Void Zephyr fight has been learned, the farming of Great Feathers can begin.

The total cost to craft a 5★ Elemental Void weapon (0 UB):

  • (125) Tier 1 Crafting Materials (Iron Ore, Fiend’s Claw, Bat’s Wing)

  • (100) Tier 2 Crafting Materials (Granite, Fiend’s Horn, Ancient Bird’s Feather)

  • (20) Tier 3 Crafting Materials (Meteorite, Fiend’s Eye, Bewitching Wings)

  • (75) Great Feathers

  • (2) Zephyr Runes

  • (8) Inferno Orbs

  • (750,000) Rupies

If the above list looks too daunting, don’t panic; it’s possible to lower these costs by utilizing the Void Treasure Trade. Steel Bricks can be used to unbind a 4★ weapon, so materials normally used for extra copies of those can be diverted straight to the 5★ weapon instead.

A note of caution: Damascus Ingots are still best used on normal 5★ Tier 3 weapons, given the vast expense of crafting a single base copy.

Is it worth it?

Void weapons are, aside from added variety, an easier path to the High Midgardsormr fight. Void Zephyr’s strict requirements are offset by the crafting materials saved, freeing up Insignias to upgrade Dojos. Furthermore, Void weapons can be farmed at most points of any week, while standard 5★ weapons are time gated by two event’s worth of Twinkling Sands. That being said, Void weapons are by no means replacements for the standard 5★ weapons, which are superior in general use. Ultimately, Void weapons trade versatility for accessibility, removing another barrier to entering Dragalia’s true endgame.  

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