Dragalia Lost drops High Zodiark, Pre-Anniversary Login Bonus

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High Zodiark Appears!

The fifth and final Advanced Dragon Trial, High Zodiark, is now available. Time to showcase your best Light Adventurers! With tons of unavoidable damage, he's a bit harder, but the battle still calls for a diverse team composition. Below is one featuring Annelie, Hildegarde, Fleur, and Yachiyo. Summer Cleo is also a popular choice.

Regular Clear

More normal clears have already been accomplished, with the Dragalia Lost Twitter acknowledging the very first.

Completing all five Advanced Dragon trials will also unlock an Epilogue chapter for each of their stories.

Spin Glitch

A few players have discovered a glitch in which High Zodiark will target a player running counterclockwise and spin indefinitely. This has been used to even clear the fight with Lowen, since technically any Adventurer with enough HP for unavoidable attacks can bait him. Without Zodiark launching any attacks, the DPS players are free to hammer away at the boss.

It appears to be possible due to a lower framerate and lag from the paralysis animation. For an easy (albeit cheated) clear, it may be worth trying this before the bug is fixed!

You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a record, baby

Right round round round

Login Bonus


Log in daily in the days leading up to the first Anniversary for 2 Summon Vouchers each day! This totals 14 free Summon Vouchers.

The anniversary itself falls on Friday, September 27th. 

New Squishums Sticker!!!


Easily the most important update: the Void Shop will have a new Squishums Sticker available for purchase. The sticker will be bought using an endeavor-specific currency of Imitiation Squishes.

■Treasure Trade

You can exchange imitation squishes, a material which is only used for exchanging and obtainable by clearing the normal endeavors added 1:00 AM, Sep 19, 2019, for a squishums sticker.

Note: The exchange limit for the squishums sticker will not reset.


The following normal endeavors will be added 1:00 AM, Sep 19, 2019.

Complete them to get imitation squishes, a material which is only used for exchanging.

・Defeat Void Zephyr three times

・Defeat Void Poseidon three times

・Defeat Void Jeanne d'Arc three times

・Defeat Void Nidhogg three times

・Defeat Void Agni three times

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