Should You Summon: Dragon Special

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Should You Summon: Bait Dragons Extraordinaire


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Welcome back everyone! It's time for another Gala Dragalia, and this time we have-wait, this isn't a Gala Dragon Banner? Just regular dragons. Oh. Well then what are you all here for? Go home. There's nothing to see here.

Just wait for Gala.

This banner is a joke, so want to hear another one? How many princes does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None! This is a medieval fantasy setting, there are no light bulbs! Duh.

Nimis isn't a gala dragon. He's not even an especially good non-gala dragon. Why would you summon for him? He's not the worst dragon ever, but Water has better options. 

Verdict: No. 

Hey, who should you ask if you want some extra snacks? Share-na!

Yeah, I don't think these are very good either.

Ariel's actually pretty decent, specifically on Tobias. But Freyja's arguably better since she can heal too. So why summon? Just wait. 


Verdict: Yes. Ha, that was funny. No. 

In Soviet Halidom, Dragon Shifts into you!

Really? How the heck do I even know what Soviet Russia is? Don't kids play this game? Not like they remember when the Iron Curtain fell. Who's writing this material anyway?

Hey look, Shadow got a poisoned Punisher Dragon, but it mostly doesn't matter because everyone still just runs Shinobi. I mean, he's not actively bad, and in some cases he's better (especially if you can't use Fatalis due to needing to Dragonshift) but seriously, we know Gala Dragons exist now. Why waste resources on something that's going to be so blatently powercrept? The answer may surprise you (It won't). 

Verdict:  That's a Negative, Ghost Rider. 

On The Platinum Banner

Well OK. This one's alright.

A brief word on the Platinum Banner. If you need Dragons, this is actually a decent one to summon on. Keep in mind, you can get ANY dragon, so you could end up with a double Kamui as your "prize." However, the simple fact that you're guaranteed a 5 ★ dragon means that if you’re going to spend, there are worse things to do. This isn’t a Dream Summon, and honestly, you can definitely pass this, but if it’s between the Platinum Banner and the Dragon “Special” I would go for the Platinum option. Keep in mind it requires Diamantium, and honestly, I wouldn’t go spending just for this. More if you happen to have a bit of extra diamantium kicking around and an itchy trigger finger. Otherwise, just wait. This banner is really bad.  

Final Verdict

About the Rates

This banner is a dragon banner, and as such all Adventurers are drastically rated down.

  • Special 4% rates, tilted towards dragons.
  • Nimis, Ariel, and Epimetheus, share a 2.4% rate and are at .8% each. 
  • Non-featured Adventurers are lowered to a .75%, rate, and there are no featured Adventurers.
  • Non-featured dragons 5☆ share a .85% rate. But none of them are Gala Dragons, so who cares? 

Final Verdict: No. Gala Dragons exist. This is not a Gala Dragon banner.

Honestly, this is a terrible Dragon banner. Even we don't take into account Gala Dragons, none of these offerings are very good. But we do know Gala Dragons are a thing. THOSE are now the Dragon banners to pull on, even if we have to wait six months or something. Honestly, you're better off pulling on the Forte/Yurius banner, as Azazel is pretty good for Grace and Patia. 

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