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The Advent of Double Wyrmprints

With the big 1.6.0 update on March 25th, 2019, Adventurers could equip two Wyrmprints. Then followed 1.7.0, in which Wyrmprints themselves gained significant boosts to availability and power. Not only were their Ability caps raised, but they also became available for purchase in the Wyrmprint Shop, making it much easier to max Unbind 5★ equipment with Eldwater.

Ability Limits

For reference, the Ability limits are as follows:

  • Skill Damage: 40%
  • Force Strike Bonus: 50%
  • Recovery Potency: 20%
  • Strength: 20%
  • Skill Haste: 15%
  • Critical Rate: 15%
  • Critical Damage: 25%
  • Broken Punisher: 30%
  • Dragon Time: 20%

Outfitting by Weapon Type

Rules of Thumb

Although the raised ceiling makes it tempting to stack effects like Strength and Skill Damage, a combination of the two is usually better. Since Skills deal damage that is multiplicative of Strength, raising Strength also affects Skill Damage. Boosting regular attacks is also valuable too, especially if the character in question has Skills that take a long time to charge. 

Roles and Goals

Although each Adventurer’s exact role is unique to them, the roster can be roughly grouped by weapon class when choosing Wyrmprints. Generally it's best to go the complimentary route rather than using equipment to supply what a character lacks in their kit. This is up to discretion-- especially when struggling on quests and rebalancing to get things right-- but for general purposes, these guidelines follow:

  • Swords are by far the most varied weapon class. Many will want some defense to help them survive at close range, but others can capitalize especially well on Force Strikes and Skill Damage.
  • For Blades, offense of all kind benefits them. Force Strikes, Critical Rate and Strength are especially good picks.  
  • Daggers do well with Critical Rate and Flurry effects.
  • Axes enjoy defensive prints that compliment their sturdy playstyle, with the exception being some offensive Axe users. 
  • Lances tend to be a supportive role, so Skill Prep and Skill Haste enable them further. Buff Time synergizes well with anyone who has teamwide boosts.
  • Bows will want either Skill Haste or Flurry bonuses, depending on the character's specialty.
  • Wands will prefer either conditional Strength and Skill Damage or increased Buff Time.
  • Staves should aim to max out their Recovery Potency, or at least bring Skill Prep for quicker access to healing Skills.

Drop Locations

Click to expand; originally posted by u/Imalune to reddit. 

Tried and True

Resounding Rendition: A household name for its universally coveted Skill Damage / Crit Rate bonuses. Get used to this sight, because RR is almost always a viable pick save for a few Adventurer / weapon-specific exceptions.

United by One Vision: 70% HP is a reasonable threshold to manage. STR coupled with Skill Haste makes for a very well-rounded Wyrmprint.

The Heroes Arrive: Usually paired with RR or a weapon-specific Wyrmprint, THA is the go-to for high density content like Imperial Onslaught or Facility events where Slayer’s Strength is easily stacked. Healing Doublebuff also grants a measure of survivability to any adventurers/teams with DEF buffs. 

Budget Picks

Freebie picks that act as stopgaps for subs or until enough Eldwater is saved for optimal versions.



Swords have two focal points: Force Strikes and Crit. Gifted with The Shining Overlord, Sword users can play towards their Dragon Haste Co-Ability and free up Slot 2 for a non-Skill Damage pick. 

Resounding Rendition can replace TSO for content that involves little to no Transformations.

Fresh Perspectives is a workable replacement for Stellar Show.

First-Rate Hospitality should also be considered on those who can Doublebuff themselves, namely Ramona, Naveed and Gala Ranzal.




Renowned for their versatility, Blades are a jack-of-all-trades weapon without any single outstanding trait. As such, their optimal Wyrmprints include all manner of bonuses to maintain a well-rounded experience.




Daggers are characterized by their blistering attack rate and high mobility.  Maintaining a 15+ combo is usually a non-issue, but Bonds Between Worlds or Crystalian Envoy serve as more consistent stand-ins for Flurry Strength Wyrmprints. Some of the more Crit-oriented Daggers may prefer Wyrmprints like Stellar Show. 




Although their swings are relatively sluggish, Axes enjoy a 4% base Crit Rate, double those of other weapon classes. The above pair is viable on every Axe user for most content, maximizing both Skill Damage and Crit aspects. Heralds of Hinomoto or Jewels of the Sun provide extra Skill Haste for those with two damage skills such as Curran and Vanessa.




Similar to Blades, Lances do a little of everything. Although some Lance wielders would prefer Buff Time (more on this later), Skill Damage with %STR function as a general purpose setup. 




Although comparable to Daggers with their rapid attack rate, Bows rely on their range rather than mobility. With Forest Bonds, many Bow users can employ the 4 combo + FS sequence, then use their primary Skill to cancel the Force Strike animation. For high-pressure content, Slot 2 can be replaced with a %STR Wyrmprint.




The most Skill-oriented of weapon classes, Wands want to keep basic attack chains as concise as possible. Jewels of the Sun especially enables crisp sequences like 5 combo + 5 combo into Skill 1, followed by 5 combo + FS into another Skill 1. Because of their relative safety, Wand kits generally grant bonuses for staying healthy, allowing talented players to run Evening of Luxury for maximum damage.




Staves as a whole want to play to their role by optimizing Recovery Potency and Skill Haste. The single exception to this rule is Heinwald, who has no problem running Skill Damage or Buff time, depending on the preferred playstyle.



High Dragon Trials

The advent of double Wyrmprints greatly lowered the HP requirements for HMS. Melee adventurers can comfortably do without Glorious Tempest especially if running with defensive Co-Abilities from Vanessa or Mym allies. 

HBH changed with the addition of Void weapons that grant 20% DEF at full HP. With Volcanic Queen no longer a hard requirement, Fireside Gathering and Beauty’s Secret allow Burn-susceptible adventurers access to the fight. 

HMC is another case entirely, standing as one of the few quests where Full HP Wyrmprints are feasibly maintained. For those confident in their gameplay, Evening of Luxury is a strong accompaniment to Resounding Rendition. Other examples of offensive Full HP Wyrmprints include Gentle Winds, Witch’s Kitchen, and Happier Times

Auto-battling Imperial Onslaught

As time went on, several patches were implemented to make auto-battling IO an easier task. However despite improvements to AI dodging and removal of map hazards, lower-level teams may not find autopilot to be completely fool-proof. Defensive Wyrmprints like Fleeting Girl and As the Snow Falls will help the AI survive the wear and tear of auto-battling.

Raid Events

Raids are events where Dragon Prep is commonly used due to its effects applying to all four participating teams. Depending on the level of commitment, raid teams can start with almost two full Transformation charges, greatly increasing success rates for Nightmare difficulty runs. The Bridal Dragon remains the supreme pick for player-controlled adventurers, with King’s Contenance, Dragon Nest, and Dragon Arcarum working well on subs.


Affliction Punisher

Given the frequency of afflictions within their rosters, uptime is usually no issue.

Buff Time

Dedicated offensive supports place a stronger emphasis on their Strength buffs over individual damage.

Last Offense

Certain adventurers gain enhanced damage when at lower HP, so Last Offense grants an extra bit of burst.

Full Prep

What’s better than using a Skill right away? Using an Energized Skill right away, of course! Hit the ground running with either of these Wyrmprints. 


A few Wyrmprints deserve an honorable mention for having lower bonuses that can fit neatly into the Ability caps.

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